Almost every nonprofit uses accounting software to track funds and meet reporting requirements, but when does it make sense to invest in a fund accounting system?

Over 25 years as technology and software consultants we have heard hundreds of nonprofit leaders show us their accounting “work-around’s” that leave them exasperated and unproductive.

The burden and wasted time is unnecessary and has sent us on a mission to help nonprofits break through this barrier of inefficiency.

Our software partners at Abila have curated 10 questions that every nonprofit should ask and put this into a whitepaper to help determine the value that fund accounting software can offer your organization.

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. We believe every organization can can benefit from fund accounting software and this whitepaper is a good resource to help with that decision.

Here’s a story from one of our client’s that we hear over and over again after moving from out-of-the-box software (or no software at all) to a fund accounting solution.

Africa New Life, Migrated from QuickBooks to Abila MIP.

“We’ve been using the system for about two years now and have been growing and expanding more and more, We are saving a ton of time in regards to data entry and reporting and improving our financial management capabilities. From differentiating our tracking of grants from normal donations, to tracking our different fundraising efforts in such a way that we can see what is successful and what isn’t – RBP’s expertise has been invaluable.” – Finance Manager, Africa New Life

Here’s what you’ll learn in this whitepaper.

Fund accounting software is comprehensive and purpose-built technology designed to meet the unique needs of a nonprofit organization’s financial infrastructure. It meets the complex fund tracking and flexible reporting requirements vital to a nonprofit’s continued ability to grow and serve its community.

You may have started out with Excel spreadsheets and small business accounting systems but as you’ve grown and gained multiple funding sources, you’re probably finding off-the-shelf accounting software doesn’t meet your unique tracking and reporting needs.

Download “10 Reasons Why Nonprofits Need True Fund Accounting™”