Integrating Your Mission with Automated Fundraising

Earlier this year we blogged about a great whitepaper written by Nell Edgington, of Social Velocity that had some great ideas for restructuring the way the nonprofit sector is funded. We discussed the importance of properly aligned mission, core competencies and fundraising efforts. The ultimate mission of your organization should be supported by your core competencies and then both of these should help you generate money. If you are asking for support, which all nonprofits do – you should have a clear plan in place, as well as some great ways to communicate to your donors regarding the steps you’re taking to impact the community or cause you serve. This is likely to turn ‘donors’ into ‘investors’. When those that give see a positive and quantifiable result – they are likely to get excited and stay involved over the long term.

It is along these lines that we wanted to introduce you to a fantastic new option available to nonprofit organizations. Sage Fundraising Online is a fundraising and event registration tool that helps nonprofits increase giving, participation and overall support by allowing you to connect with your supporters more effectively online. The best part is there’s no software to install, or administration needed, but can be used ‘in the cloud’ (see article below for more on this subject). It fully integrates with Sage Fundraising 50 and SalesForce, and maps to many other CRM solutions.

This new application will enable you to:

  • Remove obstacles by making the giving experience on your website much easier and more secure.
  • Meet your donors where they are – online.
  • Launch an event or rapid response campaign in minutes, or maximize fundraising results from an existing event.
  • Use multiple technologies, strategies and campaigns together to get even better results.