Tell a Friend about RBP

A referral says so much. When we receive a referral from one of you, we couldn’t be happier. Not just because of the opportunity to earn more business but because through it you are telling us that we’ve done a great job for you, that you value our expertise and that you trust us with your friends and colleagues who need assistance with their technology.

We don’t take this responsibility lightly and assure you that we will do our very best to care for those you refer in the same manner that we care for you. To show our appreciation, every time you refer a qualified prospective client to us which results in a software sale, RBP Methods will reward you with either $300 Visa Gift Card or donation in that amount to the charity of your choice. The reward is up to you (and possibly your organization’s policies) and there is no limit to the number of prospective clients you can refer. Actually, the more you refer the greater your reward.

We consider a qualified prospective client a nonprofit organization who is having an accounting or system problem to which they haven’t found a solution, and they are located in the West Coast or Midwest states.

To refer one of your friends to RBP simply urge them to contact us at or have them call us at 503.648.9051. We’ll contact the company for a get acquainted call. If it’s a fit, we’ll set up an on-site meeting. If it’s not a fit, we’ll let them know why and make any recommendations possible. One way or another, we’ll let you know. And, if it’s a fit, you can choose your reward! We truly appreciate the trust and value you put in us and pledge to continue to provide you with nothing but the highest level of service and support that you’ve come to expect.