Sage MIP and AccuFund Year End Road Map

RBP Methods has mapped out directions to keep your year-end process on the right path. Below are your Sage MIP and AccuFund Year-End Road Maps. We encourage you to read through this and contact us if you need any assistance along the way.

Sage MIP Users

  • Review the year-end articles in the Sage Knowledgebase (KB): Sign into the KB, then use the navigation panel on the left hand side of the screen for Sage MIP Fund Accounting > Year-End > Taxes, W-2 & 1099 Forms. Sort the articles by date to review the latest articles available.  The YE processing guides for W2 and 1099 filing were updated in January during the 2009 year-end, so be sure to make one final check at the end of January 2011.
  • Apply all tax updates to your system: Be certain that you are applying all tax updates to your system each time they come out. Review the Knowledgebase to see what tax updates are released which is about every two months. As of this edition of our newsletter you MUST be on the current version to do your 2010 tax reporting. See KB article 311222 for more information on version 10.2.6.
  • Print forms through Aatrix: You will only need to use blank white paper when you print your forms through Aatrix. Employee copies and State copies need to be printed on perforated blank paper so be sure to order that now. You can order through Sage Checks and Forms or review the form requirements and order from your favorite vendor. (KB Article 296550)
  • Process all W-2’s and 1099’s through Aatrix: First update Aatrix in December by downloading forms through PR Tax processing or through AP 1099 processing. Aatrix downloads all updates for PR and AP. If you have trouble downloading because of a firewall, review the steps in the Knowledgebase to download manually and apply to your workstation. (KB Articles 300201 and 300315)
  • Initiate form process: After your last check runs (AP and/or PR) in December, initiate your form process. This will give you ample time to review the figures and make corrections – either in MIP or in Aatrix. We recommend that you make you adjustments in MIP so you can always support your forms in the future. Remember that the W-2 and 1099 guides are available in your Help section

AccuFund Users

AccuFund will support 3.09 and 4.01 during 2010 year-end.  Versions 3.09 and 4.01 contain the necessary updates for year-end processing.  Visit the Nelco site to get forms guaranteed to work for AccuFund (, or use your favorite form vendor.  You can find year-end documentation for AccuFund in the install folder on the user workstation.  The default directory is
C:\Program Files\AccuFund\Documentation\.

Watch your emails for news from Accufund.  They will release their tax and forms updates in December.  Be certain to download your version (3.09.xxxx or 4.01.xxxx) and import your forms and tax items from the Accufund directory.  Import your new forms through the Reports and Forms window (Setup > Reports / Forms, Filters) and tax items through the Payroll Calculations window (Setup > Payroll > Calculations). Click the “Import” button.  Use the “Report.txt” file for reports, “Payroll.txt” file for payroll calculations.  These files default to the C:\Program Files\AccuFund\Setup directory on your workstation.  Just be careful that the file dates are after October 2010.