Choosing Nonprofit Accounting Software

There is great news for Nonprofits… you now have more options than ever before in regards to Accounting Software! So many choices means that you are likely to find one that is just right for your organization. When looking for something new, be sure that you take your time, and do your homework prior to making a final decision.

For those who do not need new a new Accounting System we are happy to help someone you know who might be looking at making improvements.

Some of the things to consider include:

  • Preparing a needs analysis to ensure any programs you look at support all of the basic functions within your organization as well as additional capabilities such as fund accounting, internet interfaces, fundraising capabilities, etc.
  • Defining your budget ahead of time.
  • Ensuring that the new software meets regulations and guidelines applicable to your organization.
  • Researching whether data can be imported and exported from other programs, and whether the program is user friendly.

Ultimately you’ll want to choose something that provides for clear and easy reporting, and can be easily customized to account for your specific requirements. Then, once you’ve made a decision be sure to take your time and transition carefully so as to maintain the integrity of your data.

As your trusted nonprofit accounting software advisors, we’d be happy to help you or someone you know sort through all of these details and implement something new.