Improve Visibility and Fundraising Through Social Media

The economy’s struggle over the last few years has had an adverse effect on nonprofit fundraising, with donor databases falling by the wayside, and volunteers becoming harder and harder to find. However amidst these struggles a positive opportunity for nonprofits has emerged in the realm of Social Media. Though still in the early stages, online fundraising tools can be a great way to engage supporters who are passionate about your cause and who will promote your organization to others, potentially garnering more support among donors and volunteers.

One such tool is Facebook Causes. One of the largest platforms for activism and philanthropy in the world, Facebook Causes empowers individuals to take action on behalf of a specific issue or nonprofit organization. With over 140 million users, and roughly $30 million raised for nonprofits – this is an opportunity you shouldn’t overlook.

Getting Started
First, create a partner account for your organization. You will then receive access to a dashboard where you can track donations and download donor contact information. Next, when you’re ready to start your own Cause, you use the Facebook Causes application ( where you can list your Causes, create a Fan Page and a Facebook Group. Then you can link your Facebook profile to your nonprofit account.

Using Facebook Causes you can create project-based fundraising campaigns and petitions, send regular bulletins to your cause members, build relationships with new contacts, and better keep in touch with your supporters!

Helpful Ideas
When creating a Causes page some best practices include:

  • Create a title that gets people’s attention, similar to a headline in a newspaper.
  • Make your case in three points or less, and create a sense of urgency.
  • Give a clear and to the point message detailing where your Cause is currently, and what your future goals are.
  • Incorporate pictures that inspire people to participate.
  • Use the recruiting tools provided to invite the maximum number of supporters every day!

Facebook Causes is a fantastic way to increase the visibility of your organization and improve your donor-base. Use of this tool can help you inspire people to get involved and help causes close to their heart. Social Media is the latest tool available to nonprofits, and you don’t want to miss out by failing to leverage it to the best of your ability.

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