Maximizing Online Fundraising in December

A study by Networking for Good revealed that a third of charities’ online donations this year are made in December. Perhaps more remarkable: 22 percent of online gifts are made in the last two days of the year.

Some of the motivating factors for online giving include: convenience, speed, and the ability to react quickly to some urgent need.

For nonprofits, the message is clear: advertise your ability to take online donations. Make your donate button on your website big and obvious, include your website address in every communication with donors, and include it in every press release you send.

Some other things to keep in mind when preparing to offer online fundraising options include:

  • Start early. Get your website and email house in order. During the last few days of the year, change your website to make donation collecting the focus of the homepage. Make your best offer to the donor.
  • Get connected. Start building your email list and relationships with your supporters in the fall.
  • Make the most of the last week of December. During the last week of the year, send several emails. Pull out the stops on social networking sites. Create a countdown campaign and remind supporters they can give until midnight local time on the 31st.
  • Email early on the 31st. Send your email in the morning so you’ll be near the top of the inbox list.

If you have not implemented an online fundraising tool it’s not too late! RBP Methods can help you effectively manage your fundraising activities while keeping the total cost of ownership in check. Get started with online fundraising now.