RBP Methods Celebrates 20 Years of Service to the Nonprofit Sector

Beaverton, OR – March 16, 2012 – RBP Methods, a consulting company for nonprofits, celebrates 20 successful years in business this year. Starting with a dream to help nonprofits understand and implement technology, Kent and Lynne Arnold have transformed RBP Methods into a revolutionary company committed to serving the needs of the nonprofit sector. RBP Methods is focused on helping the nonprofit sector reach its full potential by providing accounting technology and interactive training to nonprofit and governmental organizations.

“We really enjoy teaching and making learning fun,” says Kent of RBP Methods’ unique training style. “Tactile and visual stimulation go a long way in imprinting memory and have been the basis for our company from the beginning.  We use a combination of visualization, practice and easy to understand formats that communicate left brain logic into straight-forward concepts for right brained people.”

In addition to their unique and creative training style, RBP Methods embraces the individuality of each nonprofit and government organization it works with. They care about the mission of each company which allows them to assess and meet the organization’s specific needs.

Barbara Johnson, Seattle Indian Health Board, expresses, “I’m not surprised that RBP Methods is celebrating their 20 year anniversary. I’ve been impressed with their work for many, many years. Quality work survives the test of time and RBP delivers nothing but the best when it comes to service and guidance. Working with RBP Methods is a pleasure primarily because of their accounting background – they think like we do. They understand fund accounting software and the intricacies that go into setting up an accounting system for nonprofits. They are meticulous and go above and beyond to make sure things are done right and with your best interest in mind. We wish them nothing but the best as they truly deserve it!”

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