Are Your Fundraising Efforts Mobile-Friendly?

Mobile-FundraisingToday’s generation is constantly on the move and glued to their smartphones. If nonprofit organizations want to reach potential donors, they have to meet the donors where they’re at (which could be just about anywhere).

Taking advantage of this fundamental shift in the way people consume media doesn’t have to be expensive and it doesn’t mean you have to stop what you’re already doing. Instead, this article will focus on how you can leverage your current campaigns and activities to reach a wider audience and get better results.

Mobile-optimize your email templates
According to a recent study, viewing email on a mobile device has increased 28% in the last year alone. Make sure your emails are clearly legible on a variety of mobile email readers and devices by using an E-marketing solution (such as Sage Emarketing) to create mobile-optimized email templates.

Accept donations from mobile devices
There are a variety of strategies you can use to accomplish this, each with their own pros and cons.

Text to give – This involves a donor sending an SMS text message to give. The donation is collected by the donor’s cell service providers and distributed to a third party provider before the nonprofit receives the donation. Since no contact information (only a mobile number) is associated with the donor, importing them to your house file for nurturing is a challenge.

Stand-alone mobile apps – Expensive to develop, only a few nonprofits have successfully implemented this strategy. If you decide this is the best route for your purposes, be prepared to produce your app so it will work on both Android and iPhone platforms. You will also need to include the proper security protocols if you intend to accept credit cards.

Mobile optimized web forms – Easy and inexpensive to create, mobile-optimized web-based donation forms are by far the easiest way to securely accept donations from a mobile device.

Potential of pledging
While most organizations focus on donations, don’t underestimate the potential power of pledging. Got a constituency that is conservative and leery of new mobile technologies? Mobile-optimized pledge forms are great way to build your house file while building confidence among your supporters. Completing a pledge form that does not require credit card information is less intimidating and can increase your conversions.

Design with Simplicity
Keep it short and sweet. Ask only for the information you absolutely need to complete the transaction: name, email address, dollar amount (for pledges) and credit card information (for donations.) Mobile users are on the move and distracted. Make the donation process as quick as possible to decrease the likelihood that they will be pulled away before completing the transaction. For best results, fill in the dollar amount for them, or offer a list of levels donor can choose from.

Promote your efforts
Provide links to your mobile-optimized donation and pledge forms in your E-marketing, so when users open your message from a mobile device, they are automatically directed to the mobile-optimized giving forms as well. Promote your form offline, in the real world too! Use QR codes or MS tags on printed materials, such as signs, flyers, or programs. These codes act like hyperlinks do online, taking the user directly to your form online using their mobile device.