Sage 100 Fund Accounting Receives an Upgrade

This fall, Sage 100 Fund Accounting received a major upgrade. Loaded with new features and enhancements, Sage 100 Fund Accounting 2013 will help you leverage Sage 100 Fund Accounting to better fit your organization’s specific needs. Whether you need advanced reporting, streamlined transactions, advanced auditing of records throughout the system or other time-saving features, this new version of Sage 100 Fund Accounting can help improve your organization’s many processes and procedures.

Take a look at some of the new features included within Sage 100 Fund Accounting 2013:

  • Advanced Organization Audit
    Now more than ever, Sage 100 Fund Accounting keeps your organization’s financial records safe and secure. The Advanced Security solution now includes the new Advanced Organization Audit, which enables you to track changes to your records in detail and quickly pinpoints any suspicious activity. The new version will save you hours of digging through data by generating change reports for your internal and external use. We can guarantee that the Advanced Organization Audit feature will become a key asset in managing your company’s transparency and will help you easily locate and correct errors that may occur.
  • New Features and Enhancements in Accounts Receivable
    Sage 100 Fund Accounting 2013 provides several key changes to the Accounts Receivable Billing and Reporting modules. The prepayment process has been improved to streamline entry and tracking of prepayment transactions throughout the system. User Defined Fields have been added to more A/R reports to enable users to further configure reporting to their organization’s needs. Users of the A/R Billing module can also now set up email templates for A/R invoices and send these forms directly to clients using SMTP.
  • Multiple Vendor Addresses for Accounts Payable
    This new version of Sage 100 Fund Accounting will helps your organization streamline payment processes and reduce the time spent on data entry. If your vendors have multiple addresses, you can now designate a check address for each invoice in the system, and the system will automatically apply the correct address for each invoice.
  • Streamlined Setup for Product Training
    The training database provided with the install and upgrade of Sage 100 Fund Accounting 2013 has been updated to make set-up for product training even easier. Organizations that sign up for product training no longer have to lose valuable class time sorting through default users and configuring default user rights. Starting with version 2013, this process is simple: one database, one default user, both provided with organization rights automatically defined.
  • Additional Email Functionality
    The newest version of Sage 100 Fund Accounting also allows users to email any kind of form within the system. The 2013 version allows users to create email templates for system-generated AR invoices, preview the message, and send the documents directly to customers from within the system. The emailing of additional forms will be added throughout updates and future releases as well, so stay tuned!
  • HR and EWS
    Sage 100 Fund Accounting 2013 offers several enhancements that will enable your organization to configure these modules to better fit your HR needs. Users can now establish custom workflow steps for routine HR activities, including onboarding new employees, updating certifications, reviewing employee performance, modifying positions, and terminating employees. Additionally, distribution codes can now be created based on dollars earned and cost centers rather than just hours worked. In EWS, users can now add custom reports generated in the HR Report Writer and accommodate overtime entry using additional timesheet options.

As you can see, the newest version of Sage 100 Fund Accounting will further meet your organization’s needs and streamline your processes so you have time to focus on more important tasks.

For more information about the new features included in Sage 100 Fund Accounting 2013 and how they can impact your organization for the better, give us a call today.