Six Reasons You Should Take Your Fundraising Efforts Online

Online-FundraisingFundraising is the single-most important issue for nonprofit organizations today. Nonprofits cannot exist on grants alone; therefore, they must constantly realign their fundraising efforts with current trends and technologies. Going door to door asking for donations is no longer an option, and expecting donors to donate in-person is unrealistic. Today’s donors and supporters are taking their business online and are expecting nonprofits to do the same. Nonprofit organizations who lack online fundraising options are losing valuable donations and opportunities for growth.

Consider the following six reasons why your nonprofit organization should consider making online fundraising a reality:

  1. Online fundraising is cost-effective.
    Fundraising, like marketing, can be costly for nonprofit organizations. It takes time to plan fundraising efforts and generally involves spending the organization’s valuable funds. Online fundraising does not have to cost a fortune; in fact, many online fundraising strategies won’t cost you a dime!Online fundraising software is a low-cost solution for organizations wishing to take advantage of online fundraising. Online fundraising software saves money and valuable resources by providing nonprofits with online tools to manage their online fundraising efforts and process online donations. These online fundraising tools also save on overhead costs, such as staffing, printing/paper costs, shipping and postage.
  2. Online fundraising produces faster results than the traditional method.
    Nonprofits who take their fundraising efforts to the web get instantaneous results. There is no wait-time when donors make their donations online and setting up a fundraising page takes almost no effort at all. Donations are secure and processed in real-time, giving peace of mind to both the donor and the organization. Online fundraising tracks and reports on donations and lead conversions in real-time, enabling organizations to follow-up with their donors and supporters immediately.
  3. Online fundraising engages a broader audience.
    The internet opens up nonprofit organizations to many more prospective donors and supporters. Organizations who engage in online fundraising are no longer restricted to their geographical location; they can reach people all around the world via emailing and social networking. This creates a larger and much broader audience for nonprofit organizations to make an impact.
  4. Online fundraising is more secure than traditional fundraising.
    Online fundraising is known to be safer than traditional fundraising. It removes the risks associated with approaching potential donors door-to-door, and online credit card payments are processed more securely than check or cash donations.
  5. Online fundraising is more personalized to your needs.
    Online fundraising allows nonprofits to have full control over their fundraising efforts and campaigns. Fundraising pages can be personalized and updated to the organization’s wants and needs. Email campaigns and webpages are fully customizable, allowing the nonprofit to focus on what’s important to their particular organization.
  6. Online fundraising gives nonprofits the opportunity to raise additional funds.
    Nonprofit organizations who host an online fundraiser have plenty of opportunities to make additional connections and raise more funds for the organization. Nonprofits can sell customized merchandise on the fundraising website, as well as add an online charity auction as part of their initial fundraiser. This gives them more opportunities to raise funds and keep their organization up and running.

Online fundraising is the newest trend to emerge in the nonprofit sector. Organizations currently using online fundraising software are reaping the benefits and seeing a growth in donations made to their organizations.

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