Enhance Your Payroll Process with AccuFund Software

AccuFund software can help nonprofit organizations achieve their accounting goals, as well as create a more efficient environment to carry out their mission-critical activities. Many organizations turn to AccuFund software to meet their financial management needs; however, what they may not realize is that AccuFund software is more than a general ledger solution.

The latest version of AccuFund enables organizations to handle the payroll process internally and allows employees to punch in to internet-based time clocks. Time clocks are a new feature to AccuFund software and can now be accessed through the payroll module or employee portal. Employees can now use a proximity card or a biometric reader that scans fingerprints to log into the system and record their time and job codes. Supervisors can also log into the system to review and approve employee’s timesheets.

AccuFund software makes the payroll process easy for nonprofit organizations. The newest version AccuFund provides organizations with a complete payroll management solution that includes complete support for payroll, benefit accruals, employee labor distribution and basic HR information.

The software includes the following features to meet every nonprofit and government organization’s needs:

  • The payroll staff has the capability to see the whole check and all taxes and deductions on the same screen as time entry is being done. This eliminates the guess work as to what will happen when checks are printed.
  • Unlimited earnings codes
  • Unlimited accruals
  • Unlimited deductions
  • Adjustments or changes can be made on-screen, and multiple payrolls can be run per periods for special pays.
  • Direct deposits can be split or distributed in multiple ways.
  • Calculated earnings – such as overtime – can be created automatically.
  • The software gives users a choice of check formats and unlimited reporting capabilities.
  • Employees can selected multiple rates and positions during timesheet entry.
  • Calculations can be based on varying dates.
  • Non-payroll taxable benefits can be recorded and tracked for W-2 purposes.
  • Time can be distributed to an unlimited number of projects or departments.

AccuFund software’s payroll module integrates with the following components:

  • Employee Timesheet Entry: This enhances the payroll component by adding direct employee timesheet entry and timesheet import. Employees can be set up to have limited access to only this screen so they can enter their time activities. Employees designated to using only this screen do not count against the user count for AccuFund software.
  • General Ledger: The payroll module – like all other modules in AccuFund software – updates the General Ledger in real-time.
  • Reports/Forms Designer: All reports and forms created in the payroll module can be modified in the report designer.
  • HR: Users can track personnel information in this component, as well as information available in Payroll. Users can also track the history of changes to a specific record and the number of instances (such as employee review, certifications and education).
  • Accounts Payable: Taxes and deductions can be automatically posted to the accounts payable module.

AccuFund software is designed to meet all of your organization’s accounting and payroll needs. Nonprofit organizations no longer have to rely on hired out payroll processes; they can perform the task themselves in-house. This gives nonprofit organizations greater control over their organization and their finances.

For more information about AccuFund software and its benefits, go to our product page. There you will find an extensive list of the software’s capabilities and exclusive features, in addition to the modules available with the software. AccuFund can meet the needs of both nonprofit and government organization’s alike.

Contact us today to learn how AccuFund software can improve your organization’s processes and procedures, as well as alleviate the stress of outsourcing certain tasks. With AccuFund software, your nonprofit organization will thrive.