Save Your Organization Time and Money with AccuFund Software

AccuFund-softwareIs your nonprofit organization wasting unnecessary time and money on complicated accounting processes? Is your organization trying to cut costs and improve employee productivity? If so, why not look at reducing your organization’s overhead accounting expenses first? By investing in the right fund accounting software solution, your organization could save a substantial amount of time and money.

AccuFund Software will help you automate and streamline your organization’s financial management tasks, allowing your employees to focus on carrying out the organization’s mission and activities. Take a look at some of AccuFund software’s most important time and money saving features below:

  • The Accounts Payable feature will help you avoid making late payments (or missing payments all together) and payment errors while at the same time working to optimize payment timing.
  • The Accounts Receivable module helps your organization limit its financial risks with better management of customers who make late payments (or who have not made any payments at all).
  • The Budgeting, Planning, and Forecasting module enables you to evaluate the performance of each section of the organization in order to properly focus your organization’s resources.
  • The General Ledger feature provides you with the financial information you need to run a more efficient and effective nonprofit organization.
  • The CRM module can help your organization improve its marketing performance to ensure that you are portraying the right message to the right customers.
  • The Allocation Management module allows you to allocate expenses and revenues directly within the system, saving you from making costly errors when it comes time to audit your organization’s finances.
  • Fund Accounting – in general – will help you understand which funds are generating the most significant returns for your organization.
  • AccuFund software’s Invoicing feature will help improve your donor and supporters’ satisfaction rates by allowing you to bill electronically via email and online delivery methods.
  • The Payroll and Labor Distribution module keeps employees productive by ensuring that wages are paid accurately and on-time.

Overall, AccuFund software will improve your organization’s decision-making by giving you better visibility into your mission-critical data, allowing you to focus on revenue generating activities while spending less time on the actual accounting. AccuFund software will ensure compliance, help you avoid penalties, and capture all costs, maximize deductions and lower your overall tax burden.

For more information about AccuFund software, visit our AccuFund Nonprofit Accounting Suite product page.