Using Data to Improve HR Management

Using-Data-to-Improve-HR-ManagementAs businesses discuss the importance of Big Data, nonprofit organizations are still trying to conquer “medium data”. That is – the data that passes through your organization every day. This type of data describes who you are as an organization, who your employees are, what your organization is trying to do, and what is happening at any moment in your organization. You can discover a lot about your organization – and its employees – by using this data effectively. The question is – how?

Nonprofit organizations are struggling with the massive amounts of data coming into their organizations each day. In addition to having to sift through data about funders, organizational activities, and grants, nonprofit organizations are struggling to manage the plethora of data related to human resource management. While this data is informative and can help nonprofits improve their HR efforts, many organizations do not even know how to begin using this data.

Your HR Data is Telling You a Story
In addition to leveraging technology (such as HR and EWS software) to be strategic in human resource management, nonprofits can analyze their human resource data to gain a better understanding of their employees and learn how to improve upon the organization’s current performance. Over the years, nonprofits have gathered demographic information, educational history, performance information, and other valuable information about their employees; however, they have failed to use that data to make strategic people decisions. This is a huge (and potentially) mistake. If you are not applying your HR data to your current HR management processes, you are allowing valuable information to go to waste. How can you improve your performance if you don’t know what needs to be improved?

Let your data tell you the story of how your organization is doing. Allow the data to influence your decisions on hiring and performance management. Over time, you will see how informative decisions will not only improve your management, but it will also improve your employee satisfaction.

How to Leverage Data in the HR Department
Using data to improve your human resource management efforts sounds like a good idea in theory, but how do you put it into practice? Start by analyzing the data you already have in your hands. Since most nonprofit organizations do not possess the people with the right skills (data analysis, statistics, cleaning, visualization, and problem-solving) to analyze HR data properly, many organizations are turning to HR and EWS solutions to get the answers to their questions. HR and EWS software can help you answer the following questions to improve your HR management:

  • How can I improve my employee retention rates? What creates high levels of employee engagement and retention?
  • What factors (and which people) are most likely to create accidents and submit accident claims?
  • Who are the most successful leaders and why?
  • What internal talent factors drive high levels of customer engagement and retention?
  • How do we better attract and select people who we know will succeed?

Human Resource (HR) software is the perfect tool for nonprofit organizations looking to stay on top of their ever-changing information and data. Start using your data to your advantage by investing in an HR solution. Contact us today to learn more about your options.