Automate Your Reporting with Sage 100 Fund Accounting (formerly MIP Fund Accounting)

Automate-Reporting-with-Sage-100-Fund-AccountingMany nonprofit organizations struggle to find the time to accomplish all of the things on their “to-do” lists. As reporting requirements change and donor expectations continue to grow, nonprofits are finding it difficult to pull the necessary data for all of the forms and reports they need to create on a regular basis. Without interrupting your already busy day, how are you supposed to create the intricate reports you need in the time you need them?

The answer is simple: Sage 100 Fund Accounting (formerly known as Sage MIP Fund Accounting).

Sage 100 Fund Accounting can help you automate your reporting functions, giving you the time you need to focus on the tasks that demand your immediate attention. The Scheduler module within Sage 100 Fund Accounting works primarily behind the scenes to gather data and run reports based on the parameters users have pre-defined. Users can select the reports and tasks they wish to run and set up the time and date they wish to run them. With the click of a few buttons, nonprofits can produce the reports they need without expending all of their time and efforts.

Setting Up Automated Reports and Transactions

The Scheduler module in Sage 100 Fund Accounting works 24/7/365. Even after the office is shut down for the day, the Scheduler module continues to create reports and distributes them to the people you have specified. The following steps will help you set up the Scheduler:

1.     Launch the Scheduler.

2.     Enter a Task ID and description of each scheduled task.

3.     Choose an output option (PDF, Printer, Excel).

4.     Schedule the frequency, time of day and period of time you would like the report to run.

Each time the Scheduler runs, it is pulling the most current data from the Sage 100 Fund Accounting database. You can schedule a single report to run, or you can schedule a batch of reports to run and distribute to a large group of people. The Scheduler module within Sage 100 Fund Accounting allows you to schedule those important Board reports to run far in advance and have PDF copies distributed to Board members prior to the next meeting. Once a scheduled task has been completed, automatic email confirmations are sent so you can have peace of mind knowing that your report has been distributed to the proper people. Whatever your reporting need, Sage 100 Fund Accounting can help you automate your report to run so you can move on to more important things.

In addition to scheduling reports, Sage 100 Fund Accounting allows users to schedule tasks for recurring transactions (such as monthly lease payments, yearly renewals, etc). Scheduled tasks are automatically posted in Sage 100 Fund Accounting, making it easy to track your automatic transactions. Sage 100 Fund Accounting also features an allocation calculation process and has the ability to schedule allocation processing overnight, once again freeing up employees’ valuable time.

Create a Variety of Reports

Sage 100 Fund Accounting’s built-in report writer helps nonprofit organizations create reports required by various funders, executives, board members and auditors. Sage 100 Fund Accounting’s reporting capabilities allow users to easily customize and produce their own reports focused on any program, department, grant or other cost center. Sage 100 Fund Accounting produces a wide selection of standard nonprofit accounting reports including FASB-compliant, audit-ready financial statements. With over 150 standard reports to choose from (such as the common Statement of Activities and the Statement of Cash Flows report), nonprofits can choose a ready-made report or easily create their own custom report. Financial statements can be written directly within the application, and users can create lists of the most often used reports for easy access.

Nonprofit organizations looking to create and automate valuable reports should look to Sage 100 Fund Accounting (formerly MIP Fund Accounting). For further information about how Sage 100 Fund Accounting can help your nonprofit increase efficiency, visit our Sage 100 Fund Accounting product page.