Version 2013 of Sage Grant Management Software is Now Available

The latest version of Sage Grant Management software (Version 2013) is now available for download. The newest version of Sage Grant Management software contains many new and exciting features to help nonprofit organizations keep better track of their grants throughout the entire process. Version 2013 contains a great deal of improved functionality and additional enhancements designed by users and industry experts. These improvements allow your organization to work together, gain better visibility into the grant management process, and increase integrations with Sage 100 Fund Accounting software.

Take a look at some of the newest features included in Sage Grant Management software 2013:

  • “Ticklers” will help your nonprofit team stay on task and remain accountable to each other. Users can send milestones, tasks, and events to their primary calendar. Ownership can also be assigned and users can define custom grant team roles within the system.
  • There are a number of new reports available that will enable your nonprofit organization to report milestones by grant, funder history and grant status.  Below is an example of the Milestone Detail Report.
  • The new enhancements in Sage Grant Management software are designed to help your team locate the information they need quickly and easily. These enhancements will save your organization a large amount of time and increase your organization’s productivity. By using the advanced search tool, users can view the funding organization’s details or program funding details from within the grant.

More importantly, Sage has enhanced the integration with Sage 100 Fund Accounting, providing your organization with even more financial visibility. This means you can now:

  • Export revenues and expenditures to Excel or PDF.
  • Create custom General Ledger (GL) categories.
  • Flag confidential GL categories to hide details.
  • Distinguish encumbrances from expenditures when reviewing revenues and expenses for grants and programs.

Sage Grant Management software is now easier to use, making it easier to track and manage your organization’s important grants. Users can configure user preferences, track primary contacts and employers, and maintain editable fields in the system.

Contact us to learn more about upgrading to the newest version of Sage Grant Management software. For more information about getting the most out of your grant funding, click here.