AccuFund Software Announces New Cloud-Based Accounting Solution

AccuFund-Software-in-the-CloudIs your nonprofit organization considering moving it’s nonprofit accounting software to the Cloud? Nonprofit accounting software vendors are beginning to recognize the need for Cloud-based software solutions and seem to be debuting new solutions left and right. With so many Cloud-based solutions emerging, how are you supposed to make the decision?

By choosing a software solution you can count on.

For years, AccuFund software has provided nonprofit organizations with all of the nonprofit accounting tools they need. AccuFund software simplifies the nonprofit financial management process, saves time and money, and assists with key tasks associated with running a nonprofit organization (such as budgeting, planning, forecasting, payroll, A/P, and A/R). The fund accounting solution helps nonprofit organizations improve their decision-making by giving them better visibility into mission-critical data, allowing them to focus on the more important activities of running the nonprofit organization.

This summer, AccuFund software introduced a new Cloud-based fund accounting solution, AccuFund Anywhere. Equipped with the same functionality as AccuFund’s original Accounting Suite, AccuFund Anywhere is designed to take nonprofits to the next level: the Cloud. Nonprofit organizations no longer have to rely on having the physical software on-hand. Users in different offices and off-site locations can now access the data in the AccuFund software solution wherever they are located. The Cloud-based nonprofit accounting software allows users to access the software from any browser so they can perform accounting tasks both in and away from the office.

AccuFund software’s Cloud-based solution alleviates costs, improves efficiency, and increases data accessibility without requiring nonprofits to build the complicated IT infrastructure many on-premise nonprofit accounting solutions require. Unlike many Cloud solutions, AccuFund Anywhere gives nonprofit organizations access to their own database, providing additional security and backup options.

AccuFund Anywhere is basically the same solution as AccuFund software’s original Accounting Suite. It provides the same reports and uses the same SQL database. The Cloud-based fund accounting software also has an import-export capability that enables files on the system (such as payroll lists and spreadsheets) to be sent to or from other software systems.

AccuFund Anywhere is the only true nonprofit browser-based nonprofit software solution on the market today. It makes the transition from Windows-based software solutions to the Cloud easy. Without the worry of having to install or maintain the system on-site, your nonprofit can focus on the accounting. Take a look at some of the Cloud-based accounting software’s standout features:

  • Secure access to your nonprofit’s data from any PC or Mac computer with internet access.
  • Nightly back up and off-site storage for system backups
  • Accounting and reporting functionality designed specifically for nonprofit organizations
  • Web training for all system upgrades
  • Major upgrades installed automatically

If you are looking for a Cloud-based nonprofit accounting solution, AccuFund software’s new Cloud-based solution may be just for you. Explore the benefits of switching to a Cloud-based fund accounting software solution and weigh the pros and cons within your organization before making the final decision. Switching to the Cloud can be extremely beneficial, but it has to make sense for your organization. If your nonprofit is better off utilizing on-premise software solutions, stick with them. After all, many on-premise and Cloud-based software solutions contain the same features. The only difference between the two is Cloud-based software solutions can be accessed from virtually anywhere, helping to improve your accounting and employees’ efficiency.

As always, the team at RBP Methods is here to assist you in all of your nonprofit software and accounting needs. If you are looking for a quality Cloud-based nonprofit accounting solution, you’ve come to the right place. Contact us today to learn more about your Cloud-based nonprofit accounting software options and find out more about AccuFund Anywhere.