Automate Data Entry with Abila Fund Accounting 100 (formerly Sage MIP Fund Accounting)

automate-data-entry-in-sage-mip-fund-accountingLet’s face it, no one likes data entry. Not the employee entering the data, and not the organization paying the employees to enter the data. Data entry is a time-consuming, error-prone, and costly process for many nonprofit organizations. Because nonprofits are required to produce special reports and statements, however, data entry is a necessary part of life for any nonprofit organization. For this reason, nonprofits are constantly looking for ways to speed up the data entry process and reduce the number of errors. While no system is perfect, today’s software solutions are well-equipped to automate data entry and help nonprofit organizations save time and money.

Abila Fund Accounting 100 (formerly Sage 100 Fund Accounting / Sage MIP Fund Accounting) is designed to alleviate the frustrations many nonprofits have toward data entry and automate manual processes. The following is a summary of the shortcuts included in Abila Fund Accounting 100 to help nonprofits automate the data entry process:

  1. Use the Keys – Your computer’s keyboard contains a variety of automation tools; however, there are two keys in particular that will help you speed up the data entry process in Abila Fund Accounting 100 (formerly Sage 100 Fund Accounting / Sage MIP Fund Accounting): the Function Key 5 (F5) and Function Key 6 (F6). F5 will copy the contents of the CELL directly above it. F6 will copy the ENTIRE LINE. You’ll be surprised at how much time these two keys can save you. If you need to change a few key codes, you can have it done in a snap and focus on more important tasks.
  2. Memorize/Recurring Document – There is a function within Abila Fund Accounting 100 (formerly Sage 100 Fund Accounting / Sage MIP Fund Accounting) called the memorize document. This function allows you to enter a document once and then save it for future use. After you have memorized a document, you can recall it in later data entry. You can also recall it with different dollar amounts or have it calculate how much goes to each
  3. Total Recall – This function is basically a memorize document tool for power users. When you memorize a document you can tell the system to remember it so you can use it next month, year, etc. Once you’ve done this, it becomes part of your data entry calendar. Every morning you log into the fund accounting software system, you will get a list of transactions waiting for action.
  4. The Copy Documents/Session Standby – A good data entry standby is to simply copy documents or entire sessions. In most forms of data entry, there is a “copy posted document” button that lets you use a specific document over can also copy the ENTIRE SESSION, duplicating hundreds of documents at once. In both copy processes, you have the ability to change the document and effective dates so your data is always updated and accurate.

    Keep in mind that the copy process duplicates the exact copy of the document numbers involved. If you’re doing this with AP or AR transactions, it can get you into serious trouble and cost you many hours to fix. Use the recurring entries instead.

  5. Import Duties – Importing is the ultimate expression of data entry efficiency. With a properly configured import file, you can begin entering data with more speed and efficiency than you thought possible.

These are just a few tips to help you automate the data entry process in Abila Fund Accounting 100 (Sage MIP Fund Accounting). If you are not using Abila Fund Accounting 100 for your fund accounting needs, you should look into it today. In addition to the tips and tools described above, Abila Fund Accounting 100 contains many special features designed to make the data entry process quick and painless.

Contact us today if you’d like to learn more about purchasing fund accounting software, such as Abila Fund Accounting 100, for your organization. For more Abila Fund Accounting (Sage MIP Fund Accounting) tips, stay tuned to our blog. We are dedicated to helping you master your fund accounting solution so you can run your organization seamlessly.