How Can Nonprofits Benefit from Using Social Media?

Nonprofits-using-social-mediaSocial media is a fantastic tool for nonprofit organizations. Social networks not only foster communication between nonprofits and their followers, but they also serve as a crucial marketing platform for nonprofits to get the word out about important news and events. In order to use social media effectively, nonprofits need to know how social media can positively impact their organization and mission.

Most nonprofits begin using social media for a particular reason, mainly to spread awareness about the organization and its mission. While social media is certainly a great tool to spread awareness about a particular organization, it has so much more to offer nonprofits. Take a look at the following ways nonprofits can benefit from using social media:

  • Improve fundraising efforts
    According to recent studies, nonprofits who use social media for fundraising purposes can increase their fundraising results by up to 40%. That’s a significant improvement! While not all nonprofits will achieve this much of an increase, using social media to further your fundraising efforts is always a good idea.Your supporters are busy and always on the go. While they want to donate to causes they believe in, the reality is they don’t have a lot of time to spend on the task. Meet your supporters where they’re at – social media. Market your latest fundraising campaign on Facebook and Twitter and include a link to your website where supporters can donate quickly and easily. Trust us – your supporters will appreciate the ease and convenience.
  • Attract new donors, volunteers, and advocates
    Social media is a perfect way to grab the attention of new donors, volunteers, and advocates. Current followers can spread the word about your organization simply by sharing your page on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. As you begin to post more about your organization and direct followers to your website, you will begin to develop new volunteers and advocates of your organization.
  • Promote events
    Social media is the perfect place to spread the word about upcoming events. Post regularly about upcoming events so all of your supporters, donors, and volunteers are aware of the event ahead of time. Create an event page on Facebook for large events (such as a fundraising gala or charity run) and post status updates during the event to engage your followers.
  • Provide important information
    Your followers want to know everything they can about your organization, and many of them are looking to social media to find it. Make sure that your social media pages sufficiently describe the purpose and mission of your organization. Regularly post updates to your pages so your supporters stay in the loop. Social media provides the perfect avenue to spread news quickly and easily – so don’t waste this tool!

Ultimately, social media is designed to help you fulfill your mission by spreading awareness about your organization and educating the public about your purpose. Interacting with your supporters through social media will help spread the word about your cause, encourage active participation from your donors and volunteers, increase your fundraising efforts, and allow you to keep your followers updated on the happenings of your organization. If you are not currently using social media, we encourage you to create a page today. The benefits are endless!