Should You Move Your Nonprofit Accounting Software to the Cloud?

should-you-move-nonprofit-accounting-software-to-the-cloudCloud and web-based software and services have become increasingly popular in the business world. While they have been slower to take hold in the nonprofit world, Cloud solutions are beginning to gain some traction. Nonprofit organizations are realizing the benefits of moving to the Cloud and are starting to look more thoroughly into Cloud options. Before you make the investment in cloud-based nonprofit accounting software however, you need to thoroughly examine your nonprofit’s needs and current processes. Does it make sense to move to the Cloud? Is it a financially sound choice? How will it benefit your organization?

Understanding the benefits of Cloud-based nonprofit accounting software will help you tremendously as you consider moving your accounting solution to the Cloud. Take a look at the following benefits of Cloud-based software and determine for yourself whether moving to the Cloud is the right option for your organization:

  1. Time Savings – Running a nonprofit organization is hard and requires a lot of work; some would even say it’s like having two or three full-time jobs at times. Because there are so many things to get done and tasks to accomplish, time is one of the most valuable assets you have. Cloud-based nonprofit accounting software will help you save a substantial amount of time so you can focus on the more mission-critical tasks. From easy to access email to no longer needing to install software updates, Cloud-based nonprofit accounting software can really help improve your organization’s overall efficiency.
  2. Easy to Use – Cloud-based nonprofit accounting software is accessible and easy to use. Users can share information across all parts of the organization, and training is quick and easy. Your team will never want to go back!
  3. Mobility – Let’s face it, we’re busy. Many of us are on-the-go and could use an accounting solution that can be accessed from anywhere. Cloud-based nonprofit accounting software gives users the ability to access the software from their mobile devices and tablets, allowing them to stay productive no matter where they happen to be!
  4. Security – Protecting your organization’s data should be of your utmost concern. Despite initial concerns, Cloud-based nonprofit accounting software solutions are just as secure (if not more secure) than traditional on-premise solutions. The Cloud allows you to back your data up into a secure environment so you don’t have to worry about it.
  5. Expanded Fundraising Options – Web-based fundraising is gaining in popularity. Consumers and donors are becoming more mobile and they expect nonprofits to offer mobile fundraising options. The Cloud supports online and mobile fundraising and – with the right software – ties it back into your organization’s accounting system.
  6. Cost Savings – While nonprofit accounting software systems are not too pricey, they are a fairly large investment – particularly to smaller nonprofit organizations. Cloud-based nonprofit accounting software solutions are less expensive than their traditional on-premise counterparts and require you to pay for only what you use. This can translate into substantial cost-savings throughout the year and allow you to expand your budget for more important items.

The end of the year is a great time to consider moving your old nonprofit accounting software solutions to the Cloud. As the year comes to a close, think about your goals for the upcoming year. Will Cloud-based software help you achieve these goals? Think about how your organization might benefit from moving your accounting, fundraising, and/or grant management functions to a cloud-based solution. List the pros and cons of both and discuss your findings with your board.

Cloud-based nonprofit accounting software solutions can really make your life easier, increase your productivity levels, and – most importantly – enhance your fundraising efforts. If you decide it’s time to move to the Cloud, give us a call today at (503) 648-9051. We’d be more than happy to discuss your nonprofit accounting software needs with you and help you determine whether or not the Cloud is the right fit for your organization.