What’s New in Abila MIP Fund Accounting 2014?

Abila-MIP-Fund-Accounting-UpdatesFor years, MIP Fund Accounting was the fund accounting software of choice for many nonprofit organizations. After undergoing several name changes, Abila (formerly Sage Nonprofit Solutions) has announced that Abila MIP Fund Accounting is once again back in action. In an effort to improve the functionality and stay ahead of the technology game, Abila has released the latest version – Abila MIP Fund Accounting version 2014. The new enhancements include major updates to the Abila MIP mobile app and the ability to email Payroll Vouchers directly from the system, as well as other important enhancements to Accounts Receivable Billing and Accounts Payable.

The latest version  allows you to report and track the information you need to run the reports your board and supporters have come to expect. It’s unsurpassed adaptability and flexibility eases even the most challenging payroll and accounting decisions. Take a look at how these newest enhancements to can improve your nonprofit fund accounting processes:

Mobile Capabilities
Version 2014 deepens its mobile capabilities, allowing nonprofits to use the mobile app for a variety of fund accounting tasks. Abila has improved the functionality of the mobile app and has made some major updates to the Interactive Reports. Take a look at some of the noteworthy enhancements:

  • Users can now review their Balance Sheet and Statement of Revenues and Expenditures with drill-down functionality using the mobile app.
  • Interactive Reports can be viewed on mobile devices and exported to Excel and PDF for sharing with others in your organization.
  • Users can view customized report formats created in the desktop version for the Balance Sheet and Statement of Revenues and Expenditures on their mobile devices.
  • Users can review the General Ledger Analysis report via their mobile devices or Excel.
  • Hosted users can now view logs of recent backups of their MIP database hosted by Abila.
  • On-premise users can initiate a backup of their system directly from their mobile devices.
  • Users with the available security rights can clear User Seats via the mobile app.

Accounts Receivable and Billing
Version 2014 also includes important updates to the Accounts Receivable and Billing modules, including:

  • An enhanced prepayment process to support a better user experience.
  • The addition of a prepayment Transaction Source Code has been created for use with distribution codes.
  • Prepayments must be made in Accounts Receivable Receipts.
  • New reports are available in Accounts Receivable Billing, including calculated invoices, calculated finance charges, and calculated invoices and finance charges.

Accounts Payable
Several enhancements have also been made to the Accounts Payable module. Users can now reverse the voids of individual items in a voided batch, and they can edit an unposted batch and access the session if a check is accidentally voided. Payroll vouchers can also now be emailed to employees, saving nonprofits a substantial amount in paper costs and delivery time.

Other product enhancements include an updated look and feel to the mobile application and updates to human resources and employee Web services. If your organization relies on mobile access, you don’t want to miss this important update. Version 2014 can help streamline your fund accounting processes so you can focus even more of your time and efforts on mission-critical tasks.

Don’t enter the New Year unprepared – upgrade your Abila MIP Fund Accounting solution today! If you’d like to learn more about the latest enhancements and how they can help your organization further utilize technology, give our MIP experts a call today at (503) 648-9051.

If you are currently in the market for a new fund accounting solution, contact us today. We’d be more than happy to guide you through the selection process to help you find the perfect fund accounting software for your organization.