How Nonprofits are Using Mobile Technology in Fund Accounting and Fundraising

Nonprofit-Mobile-Fund-Accounting-FundraisingAs the world continues to become more mobile, recent research is showing that nonprofit organizations would be wise to adopt mobile technology and strategies into their fund accounting and fundraising practices. The number of people who use their cell phones to perform everyday tasks is growing daily. Consumers are increasingly using their phones to access the internet and make purchases. Donors are using mobile apps to make contributions to the organization (or organizations) of their choice, and supporters are looking up potential organizations to support using their smartphones. To say the world is becoming more mobile is an understatement; it’s already there.

Just as social media emerged as a top influencer in the nonprofit realm several years ago, mobile technology is making its impact. Nonprofit organizations are moving their fundraising efforts online (if they haven’t already done so), and more and more organizations are embracing mobile technology in the office to automate processes and stay connected to their fund accounting and fundraising systems while they are away from the office. The emergence of Cloud computing has further impacted this trend, allowing nonprofits to connect to their systems virtually and update important information on the go. This provides nonprofit organizations with real-time data so they can make effective decisions for the future of their organization.

We did a bit of research to determine how nonprofit organizations are specifically using mobile technology in the workplace today. Take a look at our findings below:

  1. Nonprofits are implementing online fundraising solutions to support mobile fundraising efforts. Today’s donors and nonprofit supporters are looking for easy ways to give, and smartphones and tablets are quickly becoming the most popular medium by which to donate funds. There’s a lot of opportunity when it comes to mobile giving, and if your nonprofit is tech-savvy enough (or smart enough to hire someone who is), you could quickly set up mobile giving options to quickly meet your fundraising goals. Many of the fundraising solutions (such as Abila Fundraising Online) on the market today offer online fundraising options that support mobile giving.
  2. Nonprofits are accessing their fund accounting software on their phones and tablets. In today’s fast-paced and always-connected world, nonprofit organizations need to have the capability of accessing important information at any time. Many nonprofits are using their phones and tablets to connect to their fund accounting software when they are away from the office. In fact, the latest upgrade to Abila MIP Fund Accounting (formerly Sage 100 Fund Accounting) contains significant mobile enhancements designed to make fund accounting a little bit easier. Nonprofits can now use the Abila MIP mobile app to access their fund accounting software – no matter their location or time of day – and update information as needed. Users can access crucial reports, edit or verify information, and share important documents with others in the organization.
  3. Nonprofits are using apps to streamline processes and improve efficiency. As we stated above, nonprofit organizations are embracing apps in the workplace. With the Abila MIP Mobile app, users can do almost everything on the app that they can do in the on premise solution. This will save organizations valuable time and allow them to focus on more important, mission-related tasks.

The use of mobile technology has certainly increased among nonprofit organizations; however, many organizations still have reservations about going mobile. Before you decide whether or not it’s for you, sit down with key stakeholders and managers to discuss how mobile technology could impact your organization. Have your donors and supporters requested mobile fundraising options? Are you using online fundraising software currently? If so, how is it progressing? Are your employees using their phones currently in the office? Would adopting mobile improve your efficiency? Understanding your donors and employees is key to determining whether mobile is right for you.

If you’d like to learn more about going mobile, contact us today. We offer several solutions capable of supporting mobile efforts should you decide it’s the right route for your organization.