Abila Offers Private Cloud for Non Profit Software Solutions

Non-Profit-Software-Solutions-in-the-CloudHas your non profit organization has been thinking about moving your non profit software to the Cloud? If so, you’re in luck! Abila has recently released new information regarding their Online Private Cloud. Designed to help non profits easily move their non profit software solutions to the Cloud, Abila’s Online Private Cloud is a valuable tool for organizations looking to take advantage of what Cloud technology has to offer. If you’re thinking about moving your non profit software (such as Abila MIP Fund Accounting) to the Cloud, take a look at the details below to see if Abila’s Private Cloud is the solution for you.

Disaster Recovery in the Abila Online Private Cloud is Abila’s responsibility, and one of the primary reasons folks choose to work with Abila in our Private Cloud.

Abila’s Private Cloud Disaster Recovery Plan is a three pronged approach

  1. Select a Data Center provider focused on providing outstanding service to their customers with a proven track record in the industry. After extensive research, Abila selected Rackspace to host Abila’s Private Cloud offering.
  2. Configure the hardware and servers in the system so that failover to another functioning system is always an option.
  3. Backup – maintain sufficient onsite and offsite backups to be able to recreate the environment at another site in the case of catastrophic failure of the data center.

Note: Abila does not currently have a geographical redundancy scenario in place.

Rackspace DFW – Data Center Capabilities

  • Power 135 Watts per square foot
  • UPS – 9×2000 KVA systems, 328 panels for 30 min battery life
  • Generators
    • 2 sets of 4×1500 KW Generators
    • 2 sets of 4×2000 KW Generators for 48 hour capacity
    • Generators auto start in case of power failure
    • 3 fuel suppliers under contract to deliver fuel as needed
  • HVAC
    • 1,504,250 CFM for 7500 tons of cooling capacity
    • 5×1500 ton York YK chillers
  • Networking
    • Multiple Tier-1 providers
    • 10-Gigabit Ethernet per carrier
    • Infrastructure: Guaranteed to be available 100% of the time in any given month, excluding scheduled maintenance.
  • Data Center Security
    • Data Center locations are not disclosed.
    • Access to Data Center is tightly controlled and monitored in person and by closed-circuit video surveillance, inside and outside the facility, 24x7x365.
    • Sensitive equipment such as customer servers, are housed in secure sub-areas within each data center’s secure perimeter and each sub area is subject to additional controls
    • Access to various areas of the Data Center is strictly controlled on a role-specific basis.

Redundant Hardware & Operating System Architecture

  • 2 Clustered SQL 2012 SQL Server in Active/Active mode on Windows 2012
  • 3 Hypervisor Servers running VMWare ESXi 5.1 Update 1 in HA mode
  • Hosting the following
    • 2 Windows 2008 R2 Active Directory – never hosted on the same hypervisor
    • 6 Windows 2008 Remote Desktop Servers
    • 2 Windows 2012 Remote Desktop Servers
    • 4 Windows 2008 Web Servers
  • HA Firewall – 2xCisco ASA 5510 Sec+
  • HA Load balancer –2x BigIP F5 1600
  • Rackspace Intensive support provides the following with respect to Abila’s specific architecture
    • System, 24/7 monitoring, regularly scheduled maintenance, onsite engineers.
    • Spare parts maintained on site, maintenance contracts kept up to date, and reviewed annually
    • Functioning of all hardware components and replacement of any failed component at no cost to Abila.

Backup Planning

  • Weekly Full Backups
  • Daily Differential Backups
  • Almost Hourly Log Backups (Abila doesn’t do log backups during the time frame when they are doing the Full or Differential backups)
  • Abila maintains 28 days of backup on line, with additional backup information maintained offsite
  • A Weekly backup of all of the backups is made, encrypted and taken offsite on a four week rotation. This is contracted thru Rackspace.
  • Full backups of Abila’s operating systems are done on a weekly basis, and maintained by Rackspace in case something bad happens.
  • Abila Customers may request one free back of their databases once a month. In the event that they require the additional protection, in accordance with their disaster recovery plan.

Want to learn more about moving to Abila’s Private Cloud? Contact us today.