What’s New in Abila Fundraising 50?

What's-New-in-Sage-Fundraising-50In order to remain effective and continue meeting the needs of their constituents, nonprofit organizations need to stay current with technology trends and nonprofit management practices. Today’s consumers are relying on smartphones and tablets to do everything from viewing their bank account balances, checking  their emails, shopping for products and services, and making donations to their charity of choice.  Because so many people are relying on their mobile devices to connect with businesses and nonprofit organizations, it’s only smart for nonprofits to embrace the trend and learn how to communicate with their donors on the level that is currently expected.

In the past, finding an online, mobile-based fundraising software solution was extremely difficult (not to mention pricey). There wasn’t much of a need for nonprofits to have mobile access to their information or offer mobile access to their supporters. However, in today’s day and age, mobile capabilities are a must for both the supporters and the nonprofit organization. Having access to important donor records and donor reports can help you hone in on your fundraising efforts as you are out in the field. Having the capability to capture payments on mobile devices also expands your reach and provides you with greater opportunities to meet your fundraising goals.

If you’re currently using Abila Fundraising 50 (formerly Sage Fundraising 50), you’ll be happy to hear about some of the newest features designed to take you further in your fundraising goals. The same donor management software you’ve come to know and love, Abila Fundraising 50 Version 2014.1 is designed to help you build stronger and longer lasting relationships with all of your donors.  Your donor relationships need to be fostered, and with the latest in fundraising and donor management technology, you can be sure that you’ve done everything you can to keep your donors and supporters happy.

Take a look at some of the newest enhancements made to Abila Fundraising 50 (formerly (Sage Fundraising 50):

  • Two new donor reports designed to provide you with specific financial information to help you segment your donors and make your fundraising efforts more effective. The Total Number of Years Donated report allows users to pull a list of constituents to easily see important gift information, such as first and last gift, total giving, and total number of years donated. The Detailed Financial Report Summarized by Donors provides users with the capability to create a list of donors and view summary gift information, such as major donors, first gift, and longtime donors.
  • Significant updates have been made to the Events modules to make event management easier. Users can now create a list of registrants by activity, including attendance, party number, registration details, and fee information, as well as download the Guest Tab to Excel to more easily manage your guest list. Other important updates include: easier access to constituent records from the Guest Card, an improved search for non-constituent guests, and additional information available in the Event Name Tag report.
  • New email fields have been added to allot for additional emails. These can be found on the basic card, called “Alt Email”.
  • The new Event Wizard allows users to easily create or copy existing events without having to go to different tables.
  • Additional fields, such as “guest of”, “company” and “event status”, have been added to the Name Tag Report to better identify your constituents.
  • A new look and new feel to help users gain more use out of the system.

If you’re looking to improve your fundraising effectiveness, Abila Fundraising 50 is the solution for you. Contact us today to learn more about how you can combine new technology with updated software to reach your fundraising goals and continue to carry out your mission for years to come.