Expand Your Fundraising Capacity with Online Fundraising Software

Online-Fundraising-Software-Boosts-Fundraising-EffortsIs your nonprofit organization struggling to raise the funds you need to carry out your organization’s mission and support your activities? As every nonprofit knows, fundraising presents a variety of challenges in the areas of reporting, event planning, and the actual process of raising the funds. Coming up with new, fresh ideas for raising funds is always challenging, as is putting forth the time, effort, and money required to put on fundraising events. Some of the greatest challenges nonprofits run into, however, lie in their technology investments.

Recent research has shown that organizations relying solely on traditional fundraising methods and solutions are falling behind on the fundraising train. In fact, experts say if you want to raise more money than you are now, you need to seriously consider investing in online fundraising software. A recent study performed by Abila of their current online fundraising customers found that nonprofits using online fundraising tools are raising 890% more on their online events than their main donation page. This is huge news!

What is Online Event Fundraising?
Before we discuss the benefits of moving to an online fundraising solution, you need to have a clear understanding of what online event fundraising is and how it can support your fundraising efforts. As you know, event fundraising is the planning, managing, and execution of some type of event (whether it be a run, walk, 5k or gala) designed to raise money for your organization. While the main purpose of these events is to raise money, they are also important to building deeper relationships with your existing donors and establishing new relationships with potential donors. Research has shown that nonprofits who make an effort to connect with their donors on a regular basis are more likely to raise the funds needed to support their work. Fundraising events help foster these communications.

Online fundraising simply consists of taking your event and placing it in an online environment. This can mean creating an online-only event, such as a Facebook event where people can “attend” and donate remotely, or creating an additional online avenue to raise funds to support your live event. This opens your event up to a much wider audience, giving you the potential to raise more funds and develop more relationships. By taking your fundraising efforts online, you are ensuring that you maximize each and every dollar you raise.

How Can Using Online Fundraising Software Benefit Your Organization?
The Internet is where your supporters are gathering today and if you don’t capitalize on those opportunities now you will have greater difficulty meeting your fundraising goals. Both Abila Fundraising 50 and Abila Fundraising Online provide you with key tools to help you create an online fundraising event, as well as capture payments via mobile devices. With over 300 million smartphone users around the world who keep their smartphones and tablets within arms reach practically 24/7, online fundraising just makes sense.

By moving your fundraising efforts online, your organization can capitalize on more opportunities, create more sustainable relationships with your donors and potential donors, eliminate the expense of costly events, and streamline the entire fundraising process. You can also maximize your event ROI, minimize your staff time, and quickly launch an event in a matter of minutes (if you so wish). If you’d like to learn more about how you can utilize online fundraising software to improve your fundraising efforts and meet your goals, give us a call today at (503) 648-9051. We’d be more than happy to discuss your fundraising goals with you and see if moving to an online fundraising solution would be the best fit for your organization.