What’s New in Abila MIP Fund Accounting Version 2014.6?

MIP-Fund-Accounting-New-Release-GuideIn order to help nonprofit and governmental organizations stay current with their technology and the latest industry regulations, Abila offers periodic updates to all of their nonprofit software solutions. This month Abila will be releasing the newest version of Abila MIP Fund Accounting (formerly Sage MIP Fund Accounting): Version 2014.6. This update strengthens the security of your system, allowing you to avoid fraud within your organization and protect your organization’s most valuable assets.

Private Cloud (Hosted) customers can expect to experience these new upgrades on June 23rd, and on-premise customers can expect to receive access to Abila MIP Fund Accounting version 2014.6 on June 24th.

With new alerts designed to keep you informed about the important activities taking place within your MIP system, Abila MIP Fund Accounting version 2014.6 takes your security to the next level. Users can now set alerts for a variety of activities, including changes in cash balances, employee wages, and checks issued. To learn more about this newest release and how your organization can detect and deter fraud, download the Abila MIP Fund Accounting version 2014.6 guide.