How Grant Management Software Can Help You Solve Grant Challenges

Grant-ManagementLet’s face it: managing grants is hard, and so many nonprofit organizations try to go at it alone. While most organizations see the importance for fund accounting or general financial management software, there are only a few who see the value in investing in a solid grant management solution. The truth is, grant management software for nonprofits can completely transform the way you think about and manage grants. While it cannot write your grant proposals for you, it can track and manage your grants from proposal to acceptance and help you create the reports you need to maintain your funding and stay in the good graces of your funders.

If you’re like most nonprofits, you don’t have an endless amount of time to dedicate to managing your grants. In fact, with all of the programs, activities, and daily responsibilities, it’s nearly impossible to manage your grants successfully on your own. That’s why having a capable grant management solution is so important. Even with grant management software, however, you’re still going to experience problems and challenges when it comes to obtaining (and managing) your grants.

Grants are becoming a lot harder to come by and, as government organizations tighten their grant-giving budgets, nonprofits have to work harder than ever to obtain the grants they need to carry out their organization’s mission and activities. By streamlining their grant management processes, nonprofits can improve their chances for winning and keeping the grants they so desperately need.

In our work with a variety of nonprofit and government organizations, we have identified several key problems and warning signs related to grant management inefficiency. Take a look at our findings and see if you see your organization in our list:

  1. You experience significant communication and collaboration challenges. When you have multiple people involved in the grant management process, it can be tricky to ensure that everything is communicated in an effective and timely manner. Whether you are experiencing communication bottlenecks in the office, with your grantors, or among members of your research staff, communication issues can severely hinder the effectiveness of your grant management process.
  2. Pulling the reports you need is difficult – if not impossible. If you are not able to easily create the reports your grant funders are requesting, you have a problem.
  3. You’re having difficulty complying with grant mandates and requirements. Managing grant compliance requirements can be tricky, and your entire team needs to be aware of the requirements. If even one person on your team is kept in the dark, you could risk losing your funding due to incompliance.
  4. You’re wasting time using manual, redundant processes. With today’s technology, there is no excuse for continuing to rely on manual processes and allowing team members to manage grants in their own way. If each one of your staff members has their own system in place for filing and keeping track of grant documents, your system could use some improvement. In order to manage your grants effectively, you need to establish a single set of processes that everyone on the team adhere to, automate manual processes, and eliminate redundant activities.
  5. You have no ability to consolidate grant management. Unless your organization only has one grant to report on, you are going to need a way to consolidate your grants into a single grant management system. This will help you see the big picture as far as your grants are concerned and warn you of any upcoming deadlines or reporting needs.

If you identified with one or more of the above scenarios, you’re not alone. Many nonprofit organizations experience these challenges, and – with the right tools and technology – you can easily solve your problems and start managing your grants with ease. If you don’t already have a grant management software solution, consider investing in one today. Grant management software, such as Abila Grant Management (formerly Sage Grant Management), can help you streamline the process and achieve all of your grant goals. Contact us today for more information.