How New Technology and Nonprofit Fundraising Software are Changing Fundraising

Nonprofit-Fundraising-SoftwareFundraising is a natural part of the life of a nonprofit organization. Because nonprofits do not engage in the selling of products and services for profit, they have to come up with unique and innovative ideas for raising funds and garnering support for donations. In the past, fundraising was largely done through the hosting of several large-scale events, such as charity auctions or fundraising dinners. Today – thanks to the evolution of technology – nonprofits can create a campaign and raise funds from the comfort of the office.

Regardless of the size of your organization, technology can be integrated into your fundraising framework so you can raise more funds in less time with less effort. This is a win-win for many nonprofits as time and energy are scarce, with so many different areas to manage to ensure the success of your organization as a whole. Take a look at some of the new technologies that can help raise the support you need to continue carrying out your mission and activities:

The Cloud
Cloud computing has taken the world by storm. It has allowed nonprofit organizations to virtually backup their software and servers, stay connected with the office while they’re on the road, and save in hardware and software costs. Many nonprofit fundraising software solutions are moving to a Cloud-based model to offer organizations flexibility in both their software deployment and fundraising options. With the Cloud, software users can be connected to the software virtually anywhere, providing them with more opportunities to secure funds and properly manage donor relationships.

The introduction of the smartphone changed everything. Consumers are now using their phones to shop for products, check email, communicate with businesses and organizations via social media, and streamline daily tasks. While this technology is great for consumers, it is irreplaceable in the eyes of nonprofits. Mobile apps allow nonprofit organizations to quickly capitalize on fundraising opportunities, capture donations directly from mobile phones, and store important donor information. Thanks to the Cloud, everything captured or stored through your fundraising mobile app is seamlessly transferred back to your fundraising system so you have all the information you need whenever you need it. As donors look for more ways to support and donate to nonprofit organizations, having a mobile fundraising app is going to be essential.

Online Nonprofit Fundraising
Online fundraising has transformed the entire fundraising process. While face-to-face fundraising events are still common, many nonprofits are focusing the majority of their fundraising efforts online. Research has shown that donors are more likely to donate if organizations make it easy for them to do so. With online avenues, such as fundraising webpages and social media sites, it is fairly simple for nonprofit organizations to engage donors and raise funds. Online fundraising software, such as Abila Fundraising Online (formerly Sage Fundraising Online), can help you create an engaging fundraising webpage to make it easy for your donors to give to your organization. And don’t forget about social media! By promoting your fundraising page and sharing stories of impact, you can quickly meet your fundraising goals.

As you can see, technology is clearly changing the way nonprofits interact with donors and engage in fundraising activities. If you are considering investing in an online nonprofit fundraising software solution that supports mobile fundraising, make sure the solution you choose contains the following features and characteristics:

  • Convenience to donors – how easy is it for donors to give to your organization? Are the mobile apps user-friendly? Is the fundraising webpage simple to navigate?
  • Time effectiveness – will this solution save my organization and employees any time?
  • Cost effectiveness – will this solution be a long-term cost effective solution?
  • Donor relationship management – does this solution contain donor management features that are easily accessible? Does it support effortless communication with donors and track donor interactions?
  • Reporting and analytics – will I be able to access the reports and analytics I need to improve my fundraising efforts?

Of course, successful fundraising requires more than technology. It requires you to know your donors, create engaging fundraising campaigns, and be dedicated to the raising of funds. While technology cannot do the work for you, it can help you create effective processes and avenues by which your donors can give to your organization. If you’d like to learn more about our online fundraising software options, or would simply like to discuss how you can use today’s technology to improve your fundraising efforts, give us a call today.