Abila MIP Fund Accounting User’s Group: 5 Benefits of Participation

abila-mip-fund-accounting-users-groupIn order to maximize the use of your Abila MIP Fund Accounting Software’s dozens of features and capabilities, you will need to learn from others about features they have discovered and to share your own. Even if you feel that you have a good grasp on how to use your intuitive fund accounting software and it is working well, you can still benefit from learning more about the intricacies and technique features it offers. One of the best and most cost-effective ways to do this is to join your local user community and learn from one another through a User’s Group. Other users can help you to discover new tips and tricks so you can increase the value and utility of a system you have already paid for. Join us for an Abila MIP User Group to do just that.
Here are the event details:

What: Abila MIP User’s Group Live Event

When: Friday, September 19, 2014

Where: Hotel Monaco in Portland, Oregon

Time: 8:30 AM- 4:30 PM PDT


Register Here, but hurry! It is your last chance to get the early bird rate of $125 if you register by August 31.



If you are wondering why it is important to attend the User’s Group event and how a MIP Fund Accounting User’s Group would be useful for you, here are five benefits of participation.


1.  Networking Opportunities with other Professional – Meeting other professionals in your area that share some of the same day-to-day challenges and similar experiences provides a support system both as it relates to your MIP Fund Accounting system and more broadly as a finance professional.


2. Direct Access to and Hands-on Learning from Experienced Consultants – Some things are easy to figure out on your own.  Others get learned the hard way.  Consulting teams facilitate User Group meetings and are available to help answer questions and solve problems during the meeting so application is immediate and help is easily accessible.


3. Learning of Best Practices – Best practices are developed collectively through the experience of a broad group of people seeking to accomplish the same ends.  The educational content in these meetings provides an opportunity for you to incorporate these best practices into your day-to-day use of Abila MIP Fund Accounting systems.


4. Exposure to Options and Opportunities for Software Advancement – Few organizations are fully-automated in their finance function.  You may still do some reporting offline in spreadsheets.  You may have a legacy system for managing procurement.  Regardless of the specifics of your situation, user group meetings are a great venue to learn how other organizations manage these processes and learn about products in the marketplace that can make your team more efficient. Even if you feel you already have access to the best Fund Accounting Software, you will still benefit from learning how to use more of the features it provides.

5. Share and Receive Feedback
 – User Group meetings are a place where your ideas and suggestions for improving MIP can be shared, clarified, and documented for presentation to the publisher.  They also offer a place to hear from others about intricacies of the software that can be troublesome or to put certain, lesser known features to better use. This process can be beneficial to the overall development of the MIP software and to all of the users of it as well.
For these reasons and more, we invite you and encourage you to join us for the Abila User’s Group in September for a day of learning, sharing, and taking full advantage of the Abila MIP Fund Accounting solution you have. Together, we can maximize the use of this important software.abila-mip-users-group