Drillpoint for Abila MIP Fund Accounting is Now Available

abila-mip-fund-accountingAre you in need of dynamic, presentation-quality financial reports that securely pull live data from your Fund Accounting software database? Drillpoint Reports, built exclusively for Abila MIP Fund Accounting, does just that.

What does Drillpoint Reports allow you to do? 

It allows for easy access to your financial data within Microsoft Excel® and create financial statements using a familiar, user-friendly spreadsheet application. Creating any number of pre-formatted financial statement templates, Drillpoint Reports enables you to produce custom, high-quality financial statements for delivery to your board, key constituents, and external audiences. Additionally, Drillpoint Reports helps you to manipulate your data, add formulas, graphs and other more advanced features to maximize the value of the information you’re presenting to others.

What are the Drillpoint Reports features?

  • Integration of Microsoft Excel® directly with Abila MIP Fund Accounting in real-time
  • Leveraging of Microsoft Excel® functionality to manipulate your data, conduct “what-if” analysis and add formulas and graphs to your reports that provide better and more professional presentation data
  • Drilling down directly from Microsoft Excel® to specific transactions for more detailed information which saves the extra step of having to go back to the accounting system for that same data
  • Creation of custom financial statements using pre-formatted templates that enable you to include borders, graphics, your organization’s logo, and other personal touches to distinguish your financials and make them easier to both read and use
  • Creation of statistical or outcomes measurement reporting by using Abila MIP Fund Accounting 100 user-defined fields in the reports
  • Grouping account segments into a linear style account report

RBP Methods can help you incorporate Drillpoint Reports into your Fund Accounting Software. Please contact us.