Nonprofit Accounting Software: Migrate to the Private Cloud?

nonprofit-software-on-the-cloudWhat is the Private Cloud? Although it is an important topic in the current technology world, it may be confusing and need to be demystified when it comes to nonprofit software. In essence, it means that your Abila nonprofit software solutions are hosted in a data center. This center is managed by professionals to ensure superior server performance and security. By outsourcing your software infrastructure management to a trusted provider, you are freed up from many burdens. These include deploying, maintaining, backing up, and upgrading both software and hardware solutions. Another benefit is that the Private Cloud allows you to securely access your nonprofit accounting software information from virtually anywhere at anytime. This is done through use of mobile phones, tablets, workstations, and laptop computers.

What are the key benefits of the Private Cloud? The Private Cloud makes life easier by giving access to information and data from anywhere, by performing updates automatically, by keeping data secure in case of a disaster, and by being fully mobile. It lowers IT costs by no longer housing an on-premise dedicated server that needs support, by eliminating the need to engage technical resources to perform product updates, etc. The nonprofit software solution on the Private Cloud scales growth because there is no need to worry about infrastructure, and adding modules or users is easy. Finally, it is a safe and secure solution with multiple layers of physical and virtual security and easily accessible data is available in a timely manner.

For more information on the Private Cloud solution that would be best for your business, contact RBP Methods.