Uncovering your Nonprofit Accounting Software Needs

Uncovering-Accounting-Software-For-Nonprofits-NeedsPreviously, we took a look at the importance of giving your nonprofit accounting software system an annual checkup. Visit here to learn more. If you feel your organization’s technology needs are lacking, the following information is for you. It will help you uncover and determine what you are missing when it comes to your accounting software for nonprofits, where to look, and how to be innovative in getting what you need.

The process starts by looking within first and digging deep in taking an honest assessment of your organization’s current reality. Look inside your own organization, and you are likely to find an abundance of talent in addition to untapped or underutilized software solutions. Do you have a software tool that needs to be reprogrammed or re-purposed to use advanced capabilities? What, exactly, are your nonprofit’s true needs not just perceived needs? What actions and technology will advance your mission? Are there ways that current technology, from either internal or external sources, can help eliminate the impediments preventing success at your nonprofit? Once you have honestly answered these questions and have looked internally and externally to identify all potential resources, you are well on your way towards finding technological solutions to meet accounting for nonprofit needs and the innovation your organization is striving to achieve.

Both during this initial and honest assessment and from there on out, you will want to keep in mind that advancing the mission of your nonprofit organization is truly the driver. Technology is not the driver. Instead, technology becomes the enabler when your organization truly understands its available resources and fits them into the solution. Remember that all leaders and employees possess the capabilities to determine solutions within ourselves. Commit to uncovering your organization’s strengths and then work creatively together to make them even better. Innovation is possible.

With the mission and honest assessment in mind, your organization is ready to use innovation and resources to meet organizational needs. Technology talent and resources are within reach of all shapes and sizes of nonprofit organizations. How can you be innovative as an organization? The following are four core components that are common to all organizations who use technology to successfully innovate program delivery:

  1. Needs identification

Take time to step back and assess the things your organization can do better or can do differently. Being familiar with your needs helps you to be more attuned to possibilities for bettering the quality or efficiency of your services.

  1. Knowledge of technology

Educate yourself about available technologies. This includes those you already have and other affordable solutions that are relevant to your organization’s needs. RBP Methods can help by providing information about nonprofit accounting software options. Please contact us to learn more. Don’t let technology possibilities be overlooked or underutilized.

  1. Connection of needs and technology

Do you have a catalyst for your needed innovation? Having an internal or external inspiration that encourages you to address an existing need is important.

  1. A supportive environment open to change

Innovation is certain to fail without support. Is your organization on board with the solutions that will be implemented? Be sure there are sufficient resources available to see the solutions through to completion and to sustain them in the future. Also be sure to get buy-in from your staff and board.

With these components in mind and as you strive to be technologically innovative to further your nonprofit’s mission, don’t forget to budget for both cost and staff time. For continued success, measure your success and build on it as you move forward. For further assistance with technology innovation, technology solutions, or to update your current nonprofit accounting software solution, RBP Methods is here to help. We offer two powerful solutions that could be just what you are missing and will meet your needs: Abila MIP Fund Accounting and AccuFund Accounting.