Cloud Computing Trends for 2015

cloud computing 2015With the trend being that more and more organizations will transition to the Cloud in 2015 and that the Cloud offers many capabilities beyond what an on-premise solution can, the time is now to consider it. To learn more about its popularity and benefits and how it can be used with a nonprofit accounting solution, click here. You may be thinking to yourself that all of this sounds good but may just be one of the many technology trends that is not going to stick around. We completely understand the need to be cautious and to not jump on board immediately. What, exactly, are the trends in Cloud computing as we finish out 2014 and look toward 2015? These will help you see that Cloud computing is likely to not be just a trend of the time but one that transforms the technology and business world. In fact, it has the staying power and potential to forever change the way we do things.

Let’s start with the current, undeniable reality. Today’s world demands that organizations rely on technology to function and to succeed at what they do. By now, you likely also realize how important technologies such as nonprofit accounting software are. The Cloud can use these other, trusted technologies but offer even more. Through automation of manual processes, streamlining of tasks, and instant access to your nonprofit’s information and data, recent technology advances have made nearly anything possible. This is great news, but it will only be helpful if you have the solutions in place that give you these capabilities.

Cloud computing is a perfect example. It entered onto the scene a few years ago, but it is a leading technology trend of 2014 and is slated to become even more popular in the coming year. This continued push for and success of the Cloud is in response to its continued proof of being secure and that it adequately responds to the need for mobile technology.

What does Cloud Computing’s Future Look Like for 2015?

  1. More organizations will move to the Cloud in 2015

For some organizations, this will mean simply deciding if they will transition to the Cloud while others will move their Cloud solution to the hybrid Cloud that offers the security of a private Cloud with the scalability of the public Cloud.

  1. Disaster recovery services will transition fully to the Cloud

No longer will organizations use Cloud services as a backup. With continued reliability of the Cloud being proven, many organizations will chose to move everything to the Cloud in terms of disaster recovery service.

  1. Those currently using the public Cloud will transition over to the private Cloud

Security concerns and control issues are contributing to this transition already.

  1. Apps that are web-powered are likely to become top tools for businesses and organizations

The unmatched efficiency and scalability of mobile apps means they will become even more prominent including key features such as platform independence.

If you are realizing that you do need a Cloud computing solution and need to keep up with this important trend in technology but don’t know where to turn, RBP Methods is here to help. We offer two powerful solutions. AccuFund Software Online is a fund accounting Cloud solution for nonprofits that provides easy functioning capabilities while supporting your organization’s financial management requirements. Abila Nonprofit Online Suite is a complete Cloud-based nonprofit solution that helps you manage financials, grants, fundraising, and CRM in one solution. Contact us at 503-648-9051 to learn more and to join the Cloud trend as we enter the new year soon. If you are still leery about the safety of data that is stored on the Cloud, stay tuned next week as we take a closer look at Cloud safety and security.