The Power of Fundraising Software: The Proof is in the Metrics

Nonprofit-Fundraising-MetricsThey say, “The proof is in the pudding.” In terms of fundraising software, we feel the saying should really be, “The proof is in the metrics.” Last week, we took a look at tips for fundraising online. You can view the tips by visiting here. If you are wondering if online fundraising and fundraising software actually work and make a difference, the following information is for you. Data coming out from various surveys and studies is strongly suggesting just how powerful these can be to nonprofit organizations and how much they can help them raise for their cause. Let’s start with a little background knowledge into what fundraising software can do.

Why is fundraising software important?

One way to look at it is to think of fundraising as one of your programs. Just like any other program you have, you need to support it with the resources and technology it needs. Why is nonprofit fundraising software important? Simply put, better technology gives you more money. This is true because you have more information to work with when using technology, and knowledge is power. Fundraising software allows you to record donations and track them so you know who gave last year but stopped giving this year so you can reach out to them now. Using the knowledge of the software, you know exactly who is giving, how much, and how often. You also have the information to determine when fundraising went up or down to think about what campaigns were linked to these periods to make adjustments or to repeat what worked before. The software gives you the numbers you need and the contact information record you’ll want to continue seeking funds while also being able to manage funds coming in from a variety of sources.

What leads to success in fundraising in our current reality?

These days, everything is about the internet. Two of the most powerful ways to fundraise are through online videos and blogs. These venues give you a chance to reach a broad audience with small and meaningful messages that have a personal flare. These short pieces create “ah ha” moments for viewers as to what your cause is and how it is really making a difference. This, in turn, leads them to want to contribute to see these things continue.

Diversifying your efforts to get the word out is essential. Multi-channel fundraising is more effective because with a larger number of communication channels being used, fundraising effectiveness improves. This means that the SAME message is sent out all over the place (website, newsletter, videos, advertisements, mailers, etc.). These small snippets add up to a complete picture for people in understanding the mission and need to contribute. Simply put, reinforcement is important.

What metrics support the need for fundraising software and an online presence?

Here are just some examples of the results:

-Fundraisers who release blog content reported they were 34% more likely to have increased fundraising revenue last year.

-Fundraisers who release video content reported they were 47% more likely to have increased fundraising revenue last year.

-Nonprofits who accept online donations were 24% more likely to have increased fundraising revenue last year and 61% more likely to describe their fundraising efforts as “effective.”

-One organization that went from a single channel of communication to multiple channels all saying the same message increased their fundraising by 40% in just one season.

Fundraising software and the information it provides is what sets apart organizations who have truly maximized their fundraising potential from those who have not. One such example of fundraising software online that is worth investigating and implementing is Abila Fundraising Online. Another powerful fundraising software is Abila Fundraising 50. RBP Methods can help you to find the best software to meet your fundraising needs and help you be part of these great statistics that online and multi-channel fundraising is working!

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