Key to Success Found in Nonprofit Accounting Software

Key-nonprofit-accounting-successOver the past three weeks, we have been taking a closer look at the importance of making the transition from Excel to a nonprofit accounting solution and why accounting software for nonprofits is better for your organization than Excel. Whether you started using Excel when you were just starting out as a nonprofit and are ready to make the leap or got comfortable using Excel and have not made the change even though it is long overdue, this information is for you. Managing your accounting for nonprofit needs through nonprofit accounting software is extremely important, valuable, and so worth the initial cost. It will carry your organization through in the long-term in ways that Excel cannot. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of it, why the Cloud-based version is a great option as well, and what the ultimate goal and purpose of accounting software is all about.

What are some of the principle benefits of nonprofit accounting software?

Overall, it will allow you to keep up with your growth and eliminate errors. It is also scalable, safe, cost-effective, and tailored to your unique needs as a nonprofit. Let’s take a deeper look at a few of the many benefits.

-Secure yet Far-reaching Access: Unlike Excel’s vulnerability to fraud through virtually unlimited access to Excel documents by almost anyone, accounting software allows for unlimited users but with options for its accessibility. By using parameters with regards to who can access certain information, you can have the reassurance that sensitive data is not out in the wild to be manipulated at will.

-Audit Trail: They system software provides you with the audit trail you will need that is built into the system. This serves not only the purpose of being helpful for audits but also diminishes the chance of fraudulent activity because of tracking. You’ll always know who has done what and when they did it in terms of adding data, making reports, etc.

-Reporting Made Easy: Who doesn’t want to save time and energy when it comes to reporting? At the same time, reports are so important to nonprofits that their availability is necessary. Accounting software makes reporting easy, takes less time, offers more options in what is included in reports, and is always accessible even in a moment’s notice with just a few clicks.

Why is accounting software for nonprofits in the Cloud a great option for your business?

Cloud-based options allow for even more security because nightly backups are done in highly secure, offsite servers. This can provide serious peace of mind. The Cloud also allows you to not have to worry about running out of space. The pressure is off of your organization using a Cloud-based solution, and you can have however much storage you need.

What is the ultimate goal of accounting software?

Unlike Excel, accounting software for nonprofits allows your organization to grow and keep growing while being able to keep up with the growing pains and meet your ongoing needs. It can be hard to alter the way you’ve always been doing things and operating, and change can be a challenge. At the same time, your ultimate goal is to grow your nonprofit’s impact, and accounting software will help get you there. Isn’t it time to stop wrestling with a solution that does not allow you to quickly manage your day-to-day operations and turn to something that does?

The potential rewards are huge if you allow your organization the room it needs to grow and succeed without restrictions using nonprofit accounting software. RBP Methods offers two accounting software solutions that can take your organization into a future with a positive outlook and room for growth. Abila MIP Fund Accounting and AccuFund Accounting are both worth a second look. If you need more information on these solutions or on the transition to using accounting software, contact us.