4 More Nonprofit Fundraising Trend Strategies

maximize-nonprofit-fundraisingAs we have discussed over the past several weeks, nonprofit fundraising is continually changing and evolving. To keep up with the trends is no easy task, and there are factors that need to be kept in mind to keep yourself from not overdoing it while also being sure you are moving in the right direction in terms of fundraising. Last week, we looked at four tips for keeping up with the nonprofit fundraising trends. You can view them here. This week, let’s take a look at even more strategies for keeping up with the future.

4 More Tips for Keeping Up with Nonprofit Fundraising Trends

  1. Keep a focus on locals and opening the door to more local donors.

Did you know that mega donors, who give very generously and are giving the largest donations to organizations, like to give locally? There is something special about having an impact in your own community that is close to home and really being involved with or linked to who you give to. Mega donors know this, and they are acting on it. Be cognizant of who might be a mega donor in your area and do some research. Then, keep your eyes open for opportunities to engage with these donors, and always keep trying to get the door open to connecting with them. They may be more accessible than you think!

  1. Get donors involved, and engage with volunteers. Where money is given, time is, too, and vice versa.

Major donors end up giving even more if they volunteer and give of their time to see the organization’s work in action. Just the same, volunteers may want to give where they are seeing that their actions and those of others are making a difference. Consider engaging those who give of their money to see if they want to give of their time and be inspired to give even more. Consider engaging those who give of their time to see if they want to invest their money into where their heart already is. People give of money where they also give their time, and major donors want to get involved not just write a check. Give donors suggestions for specific ways they might be able to get involved including committees, boards, and focus groups. There is so much more to it than just showing them what the organization is doing but to get them involved in decisions and actions. 

  1. Translate your data into funds raised.

The capabilities of data seem endless, and they certainly have power. Big data has the potential to watch thousands of donors, and based on their activities, create customized experiences for them. In order to use your data effectively, you’ll need to have nonprofit fundraising software that is actually tracking information and organizing it. If you don’t have a fundraising solution, check out Abila Fundraising 50. Once you have a functioning nonprofit fundraising software that can help you clean up your data and add the data you’ll need to track interests and activities of donor giving, you can start exploring what data can truly do for you.

  1. Shoot for the stars with big, bold new ideas.

Donors want big ideas that capture the imagination of the power of what we can do and what we can be as human beings. Don’t be afraid to pull out the big ideas instead of limiting yourself. Capture the imagination of the power of humanity, and go for it! If you aim small, that’s what you’ll achieve. If you aim big, you’ve already increased your chances of reaching it.

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