4 Strategies for Keeping Up with Nonprofit Fundraising Trends

make-nonprofit-fundraising-personalIf you haven’t noticed by now, it is only a matter of time. What’s happening? Fundraising is changing and fast!  Everything is shifting these days, and it is necessary for your nonprofit organization to keep up. To see what factors are influencing nonprofit fundraising the most in 2015 and the need to engage with them, visit here. To know what factors to keep an eye on as you try to keep up with the trends without overdoing it, you can learn more here. All of these factors influencing fundraising beg the question: How do we keep up as an organization? Are you changing your own fundraising strategies to keep up with donors’ newest attitudes and preferences? RBP Methods has some suggestions for doing just that.

4 Tips for Keeping Up with Nonprofit Fundraising Trends

  1. Cultivate personal relationships with donors.

Donors are finally starting to trust again, and the large majority of donations come from individual contributions. Even though people lost trust in larger institutions (including financial institutions, governmental institutions, and nonprofits) during the recession, they are gaining it back. But, they want to know where their money is going, if it will be used wisely, and what it will be used for. Donors want to promote good through their giving so be transparent and specific in how you are promoting good as an organization.

  1. Speak the language donors are wanting to hear.

Because donors see their donations as investments to achieve good, they want information on the specific results that are resulting from their gifts. Is their giving being effective and efficient in creating some sort of good in the world? Go out of your way to demonstrate that donors help make a true difference through their giving by communicating this clearly to donors and by doing more than just paying lip service to donor goals. Are your efforts truly carrying out donor goals?

  1. Tie financials clearly and directly to the ways they are making a measurable impact.

In this process of gaining back donor trust lost during the recession, it is so important to have clear links between what is being giving and how it is being used. With more trust, more investment will likely be made in the future, too. You’ll want to be able to show your accurate financial records to donors at a moment’s notice in a clear format. Nonprofit fundraising software can certainly be of use in making this information available and having a place to accurately track it. Learn more about one such software, Abila Fundraising 50, here. With appropriate records, you can assure donors that their money is being used well and calm any fears or doubts they may have. Be sure to link their money directly to the impact being created and the specific projects that did just that. Donors want to know the facts such as how much money was raised, how much they gave, what projects the money was spent on, and what the project accomplished.

  1. Be in tune to sub-groups of the population that are rising in their desire to give.

Be it women or younger generations who seem to be giving more than ever before, the face of donors is always evolving. Instead of giving out of duty as past generations did, the desire to give is coming more out of self-expression these days. Know what the interests and passions are of those who are wanting to give, and help them connect in meaningful ways with the organization.

RBP Methods knows that it is no easy task to fundraise and that these efforts can be further complicated if the proper systems are not in place to track giving and keep up with financial information. That is why we offer nonprofit fundraising software options and online fundraising software options to help your organization in these efforts. Please contact us to learn more and to find the best fundraising software solution for your nonprofit.