Engaging with the Future of Nonprofit Fundraising

Online-Fundraising-Software-Boosts-Fundraising-EffortsIf only we could know the future, wouldn’t that be nice? If our predictions were guaranteed to match reality, life in the nonprofit world would certainly be easier. Like it or not, though, this is not reality. Without being sure of what the future holds, it is our responsibility to be in tune to what is going on around us and to be following trends in order to determine how to best face the future.

This same sentiment holds true when it comes to online nonprofit fundraising. In conjunction with Abila, the leading provider of nonprofit software and services, all of us here at RBP Methods would like to give you a leg up on the trends happening in the world of nonprofit fundraising and give you a peek into what the future is likely to hold. Although there are no guarantees, these trends are will certainly have a hand in shaping future fundraising and nonprofit fundraising software while encouraging growth instead of just sustainability for organizations.

This year is likely to hold lots of transitions for nonprofits as many main sector and for-profit business patterns are infusing over into the nonprofit world. A good summary of what we see coming is simple yet profound, and it only takes one word—engagement. More than ever before, donors are not looking to simply write a check. They want to be engaged in the efforts of the nonprofits they support, and they expect to be engaged in being informed by nonprofits about the impact they are making. If you can engage donors, you will be successful in nonprofit fundraising in the year 2015.

Let’s take a closer look at what factors will significantly impact nonprofits in 2015:

  1. Improving donation flow to raise more money

This involves converting existing website visitors into invested participants. Instead of just focusing on attracting new visitors to your online communication efforts, decide how you’ll turn those already visiting into much more than just people passing by. The whole idea here is to measure, test, and optimize the donation flow and raise more money in the process.

  1. Getting Millennials on board

As Millennials replace the spots of the retiring Baby Boomers in the work force, the focus of nonprofit fundraising must make some changes to attract this new generation to give. Millennials are now the ones in a place to be able to donate, but this requires engagement on the part of the nonprofits to reach this new demographic in new ways.

  1. Treating all givers like they are major donors to encourage their retention

It is crucial to track donor engagement. By analyzing the behaviors and characteristics of all donors, much insight can be gleaned into understanding what drives their giving behavior and patterns of giving. This then translates into personalize how they reach donors, enhance donor loyalty, and improve lifetime value.

  1. Fundraising through mobile and online formats

Online fundraising software is more of a necessity than ever. There is more web traffic coming from mobile devices than ever before, and this has now overtaken desktop computer traffic. Organizations will need to use social media to engage attention and then engage them further through a responsive and modern website that is accessible on mobile devices, too. Abila Fundraising Online is one software solution that is fast, gets great results, and connects with online supporters. Find out more here.

  1. Sharing stories that impact donors and inspire them to give

Are you impacting donors? A narrative and a story can engage donors, but the visual impact must be present, too. Engagement needs to be creative, innovative, and heartfelt in a way that stands out from all of the visuals we see each day.

Contact us here at RBP Methods to learn more tricks for engaging nonprofit donors and to learn more about Abila Fundraising Online and Abila Fundraising 50 that will significantly help your organization in its fundraising efforts.