Nonprofit Fundraising Developments: Keep an Eye on This!

What's-New-in-Sage-Fundraising-50Last week, we looked at five factors that are currently influencing what the focus should be on for nonprofit fundraising in our modern world, and that these factors all revolve around engaging donors and potential donors. To learn more, visit here. In order to truly engage, the nonprofit world must evolve and keep pace with behavioral changes we see around us in society, and this includes embracing new ways of thinking, streamlining databases, and adjusting engagement strategies in order to be successful.

Unfortunately, while this seems good in theory, it is easier said than done. The speed with which fundraising trends are introduced and take hold can happen in the blink of an eye, not to mention how quickly technology evolves and the influence it has on fundraising. Luckily, nonprofit fundraising software allows you to balance both fundraising efforts and technology in one solution. But, this alone is not enough. Organizations need to somehow find a balance between keeping up with trends in a methodical way instead of simply chasing some ambiguous “next big thing” while also making sure they are doing something instead of simply thinking adaption in fundraising is unnecessary.

What is it that your organization should keep an eye on in finding this balance of keeping up with trends without overdoing it?

  • Ethics is still, and always will be, a huge priority

As of late, there have been record amounts of fines and sanctions placed on organizations from various state attorney generals. And, the sources of these are record levels of deception in charitable fundraising. While most of these cases are high-profile and represent clear lawful and ethical violations, any suspected lack of transparency is under a tight watch. Don’t let the fervor to get your organization attention cause you to manipulate reality or hide the facts. Nonprofits continually need to be using appropriate internal controls and pay more attention than ever before to issues of integrity, disclosure, and transparency. Don’t ruin the possibilities by taking it too far.

  • Multi-channel fundraising efforts are a must

The past may have been different, and the idea of using multiple channels to get the word out may have been innovative in the past. Currently, though, using multiple channels of communication of your nonprofit fundraising efforts is non-negotiable. Nonprofit fundraisers, both those who initially resisted the necessity of intentionally integrated targeting of donors in every conceivable channel and those who embraced it, will agree that this new territory is also essential territory. If donors are online, we need to meet them there. If donors are using their mobile phones, we need to meet them there. If donors are attending special events and face-to-face meetings, we need to meet them there. Wherever the donors are, we should be there, too. Effective multichannel communication increases results dramatically in terms of nonprofit fundraising. We can no longer acknowledge the concept but must act upon it. You don’t want to be left behind, do you?

  • The economy is rebounding, are you?

It’s been a sluggish recovery with employment, housing, manufacturing, and retail all struggling to get back into pre-2008 growth mode. At the same time, numbers seem to show we’re making a rebound! Although not perfectly nursed back to health yet, consumer confidence numbers mark signs of fundraising doors being reopened again. Opportunity is knocking! Look for growing optimism on the economy to encourage aggressive new acquisition efforts as donors feel ready to take on new responsibility. Major gifts are due for a long-awaited surge as well, which not only adds to the net revenue but also improves ratios.

Abila Fundraising Online and Abila Fundraising 50 are two nonprofit fundraising software options that can guide your organization in staying ethical, becoming multi-channel focused in fundraising, and on the rebound. Contact RBP Methods for further assistance and information about these solutions.