Cloud Fund Accounting for Nonprofits: A Tool of Engagement

Nonprofit Accounting Engagement ToolThroughout the last few weeks, we have been taking a closer look at all things “Cloud” for nonprofits. From updating your systems to Cloud solutions to knowing what being Cloud-based means to understanding the important features offered through Cloud solutions to seeing how the Cloud’s benefits solve common challenges that organizations face, there is so much to know and consider about the positive impact the Cloud can have for your organization. To learn more about how the Cloud benefits outweigh the challenges, click here.

The use of Cloud technology is growing more and more prevalent in the nonprofit industry. This is a recent change that has only recently truly taken off. Just a few years ago, this was not the case, but much of this current interest is linked to how the Cloud is increasing engagement with staff and beneficiaries of nonprofit services alike. This is because the Cloud enables your organization to have a flexible and mobile work environment, and that’s leading to higher employee satisfaction and productivity. The Cloud is an important way to better connect staff and improve interaction with nonprofit constituents.

The Cloud offers so many benefits to nonprofits including driving cost efficiencies. It also encourages a flexible and mobile environment for staff to work in that gives them the access, experience, and richness they want. Not only that, but the Cloud increases productivity, satisfaction, and flexibility that keep staff happy even with the endless demands they face as a nonprofit. Ultimately, these staff benefits of using the Cloud funnel down to allowing them to engage more with the people and purpose behind your nonprofit mission. That is what RBP Methods ultimately desires for your nonprofit, and we will help do what it takes for you to achieve engagement and success as an organization through our Cloud nonprofit accounting offerings and support.

Now, let’s take a closer look at how your organization can maximize success in using fund accounting for nonprofits on the Cloud and other Cloud-based solutions to lead to increased engagement with nonprofit constituents across the board (staff, people benefitting from your nonprofit services, Board of Director members, etc.):

  1. Make the transformation and transition to the Cloud a continuous process. Cloud adoption should not be viewed as another project but instead as a journey that spans from strategy through execution.
  2. Drive the transition to Cloud computing from the top down. Directors and board members should manage the decisions and processes that make up the transformation/transition and guide strategic decisions that are then shared with the staff and ultimately benefit those the nonprofit reaches.
  3. Focus on strong leadership and engagement. Organizational alignment is important to managing the change. Focus on getting buy-in from staff and support of constituents.
  4. Collaborate. Nonprofit staff and IT consultants should collaborate to help embed change into every aspect of an organization. Cloud transformations are successful when everyone is working side by side.
  5. Measure success. Develop realistic and measurable outcomes for Cloud initiatives that are linked to organizational goals.

Ultimately, we all likely desire to truly engage with those in our realm of influence. If you are wanting to use Cloud nonprofit accounting solutions and fund accounting to further your nonprofit’s engagement across the board, consider two great options that RBP Methods has to offer. AccuFund Software Online is a nonprofit accounting Cloud solution that provides easy functioning capabilities while supporting your organization’s financial management requirements. Abila Nonprofit Online Suite is a complete Cloud-based nonprofit solution that helps you manage financials, grants, fundraising, and CRM in one solution. These powerful Cloud solutions help you reach and engage with all constituents in powerful ways.