Does Cloud Nonprofit Accounting offer Benefits or Challenges?

Cloud Nonprofit AccountingIt is often the assumption that the most modern and cutting edge technology that businesses are using must be too costly and create too many challenges for it to be worth consideration of nonprofits. Luckily, the truth is different from the assumption, and Cloud nonprofit accounting is beneficial to nonprofits as well. Last week, we looked at the features a Cloud solution offers to organizations in terms of what it can offer their fund accounting for nonprofits system. You can learn more here. With this background knowledge on features in mind, let’s dive in deeper to why all of this really matters for your nonprofit by looking at how the Cloud ultimately will benefit your organization instead of creating challenges for it.

The challenges facing nonprofits are many and include how to use technology effectively, how to enhance productivity, and how to recruit and retain talented staff members. Here’s more information about each challenge and how Cloud nonprofit accounting solutions can be of benefit in addressing these challenges:

Solving Challenge #1: Using Technology Effectively

Nearly every person is a consumer of technology. This means a myriad of choices for everything from mobile devices to tablets and laptops exist. Cloud-based applications are hardware insensitive enabling a user to work on any platform they choose. This allows each member of your organization’s team to use technology as they prefer to use it using whichever device they find most comfortable for them. With flexibility comes comfort, yet you won’t compromise the essentials because all constituents can work with and access the same important data on the Cloud system. The beauty is that it’s just on the device they prefer to use!

Solving Challenge #2: Enhancing Productivity

Is your financial information spread across multiple databases and filing systems? Cloud-based solutions facilitate the adoption of digital, optimized workflows. This means you won’t be searching for information in a variety of places or losing time in completing tasks. Being able to work efficiently regardless of location can lead to higher productivity. There’s no need to access multiple software and paper databases to get the information you need. A Cloud system allows you to store all of the data you’ll need in one place. Let the solution manage all the information in one place, and you won’t lose time getting it when you need it.

Solving Challenge #3: Recruit and retain great staff members

The world is always changing, and your organization will need to keep up in order to attract new staff as it grows. The key is to offer an environment that can support flexible working hours, a work/life balance, opportunities to develop professionally, and the opportunity to work with leading edge technology. Potential staff members are attracted to organizations that are keeping up with these trends in addition to making a difference in their sector and in the world as a whole. The Cloud allows this to happen because it offers flexibility of access, time, and use of any technological device. A Cloud-based work environment allows flexible working arrangements.

The Cloud and fund accounting software on the Cloud solve problems and are great solutions for nonprofits. Please contact us here at RBP Methods to learn more about nonprofit accounting solutions we offer on the Cloud. Two such solutions are AccuFund Software Online and Abila Nonprofit Online Suite. AccuFund Software Online is a fund accounting Cloud solution for nonprofits that provides easy functioning capabilities while supporting your organization’s financial management requirements. Abila Nonprofit Online Suite is a complete Cloud-based nonprofit solution that helps you manage financials, grants, fundraising, and CRM in one solution. Both of these are beneficial for your nonprofit and solve challenges through Cloud functionality.