Growing with Cloud-based Fund Accounting for Nonprofits

Fund Accounting for Nonprofits GrowthTake a little trip down memory lane to the days when your nonprofit organization was just a seed of an idea being planted. Whether the initial stages of your organization occurred years ago or weeks ago, it is likely that the process of taking that seed and making it sprout, grow, bud, and bloom was filled with ups and downs, excitement and uncertainty, hope and worry. Money was probably tight, and the need for more staff, resources, money, and time were perhaps relentless. The nurturing of your organization likely took all of your time, energy, and heart just to keep it from falling apart during the start-up phase.

The Cloud Benefits Ongoing Nonprofit Growth

As your nonprofit continues to grow and harvest the fruits of that labor today, some of these extremes have likely been reduced a bit, but it is also so easy to be involved in the day-to-day operations that you forget about the need to keep up and get ahead in terms of technology. If this is your current reality, are you potentially overlooking important nonprofit accounting technology that could propel your nonprofit forward using the Cloud?

As nonprofits, your organization likely grew organically and only added on technology as it was desperately needed and when it could be afforded. This approach allowed your organization to adequately address immediate needs but nothing more. You may see your nonprofit still lagging behind the time or may be noticing that the systems you do have are simply unfit and underqualified for the demands of keeping nonprofit accounting and financial reporting systems updated in our modern world.

It’s hard to keep up with the technology industry that changes so quickly and costs so much, but poorly integrated systems may end up being more costly due to lost productivity, poor data accuracy, and unnecessary delays or errors in accounting processes and reporting. Realistically, these factors translate into lost opportunity for your nonprofit. Although many bells and whistles exist that aren’t necessary, there are some that are necessary. If there is one solution you’ll need to keep up, it is a Cloud fund accounting for nonprofits system. The growing trend of transferring financial reporting to the Cloud eliminates many issues but also provides for many opportunities.

Do you want to create an advantage by adopting Cloud-based technology and achieve more work efficiency at the same time? Over the past few years, Cloud solutions have emerged as a powerful tool to do just that. They offer sophisticated automation, freedom from hardware-based solutions, a substantial decrease in the need for lots of costly Information Technology assistance and support, and secure and instant access to information anywhere at any time. Contact us to learn more about Cloud solutions for your nonprofit. Now, let’s take a closer look at what Cloud-based technology is all about.

Understanding what it means to be Cloud-based

Cloud-based technology is often referred to as Software as a Service (SaaS). With a SaaS solution, staff can begin working immediately with the new software from any device with an Internet connection. Cloud-based solutions bundle all that you need– hardware, network, storage, services and software—into one system that is accessed anywhere, anytime via a web browser. Cloud applications support many of the things you already use online for your nonprofit including: email, banking, applications, and social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

If you are wondering about which reliable software can help you to transition to the Cloud to gain new capabilities while ensuring that you don’t compromise in having a robust nonprofit accounting solution, consider two great options that RBP Methods has to offer. AccuFund Software Online is a nonprofit accounting Cloud solution that provides easy functioning capabilities while supporting your organization’s financial management requirements. Abila Nonprofit Online Suite is a complete Cloud-based nonprofit solution that helps you manage financials, grants, fundraising, and CRM in one solution. These powerful Cloud solutions help you grow as an organization from the start-up stage to the flourishing stage!