Developing a Paperless Culture with AccuFund Software

Paperless-with-AccuFund-SoftwareCertainly going paperless has implications for your nonprofit organization and its fund accounting software, but these are more positive than you might think. You may be focused on the challenges you foresee with going paperless, but the reality is that going paperless offers many benefits. To learn more about these benefits, visit here. In addition to these benefits to process improvements, regulatory compliance, enhanced productivity, reduced costs, increased available funds for organizational efforts, and heightened security, a paperless nonprofit is also beneficial to your organization’s culture and philosophy. This paperless culture and philosophy affects everyone. Achieving this paperless culture is possible with AccuFund Software and other tools. Let’s take a closer look.

A Paperless Culture and Philosophy’s Effect on Management

From a management perspective, your organization’s leaders will appreciate the efficiency that comes with going green. With electronic access to financial reports, managers appreciate the improved productivity they can enjoy through increased insight into critical data and the ability to respond quickly from anywhere at any time. By eliminating duplicate data entry and only needing to enter information once, further efficiency is achieved. This comes through online requisitions that can be quickly and easily routed for approval.

A Paperless Culture and Philosophy’s Effect on Staff Members

The staff of your nonprofit can be truly empowered by paperless processes being established. This happens through online processing that allows them to manage their own time sheets, expenses, and personal information. The capabilities of an electronic system allow employees to enjoy the convenience of mobile access, the ease of use, and the opportunity to help the ecological world in addition to making their jobs more efficient and simple.

A Paperless Culture and Philosophy’s Effect on the Community

As your organization saves time, money, and resources by going paperless, it will have more of those things to put towards the servicing of its mission. After all, fulfilling your mission is the primary reason your organization exists. Therefore, the more paperless you become, the more resources you will have available for mission-related activities that make a direct and positive impact on the community.

Tools and Fund Accounting Software Needed to Achieve the Intended Effect on Constituents by Going Paperless

If you want to achieve the positive impacts we just discussed, you’ll need tools and systems in place to turn your paperless dream into a reality. You’ll need:

  • A document scanner that ensures each paper is only handled once and is, from that point on, distributed and handled electronically only.
  • A system that creates, completes, and distributes Personnel Action Forms, Requisitions, Contracts, and Time Sheets online such as a PDF paperless forms system. Through such a system, forms can be filed online, routed for approval, put on file, signed electronically, exchanged, tracked, and retrieved.
  • Cloud services that store documents in the Cloud where edits and changes can be made to shared documents making them online, collaborative tools. These services eliminate the need to have multiple versions of the same document even when it is still a work in progress.
  • A robust financial software system such as a fund accounting software system designed for nonprofits. One example is AccuFund software. Not only does such a system provide accounting functionalities your organization needs, but it also supports paperless efforts. These include report creation, report distribution, invoice receiving, payment approvals, Human Resources information gathering, Payroll processing, and so much more.

The notion of going paperless can translate into enhancing the culture of your organization when it is carried out. In addition, having the tools needed to make going paperless a reality can help with overall success. Most of all, having a fund accounting software such as AccuFund software not only assists in going paperless but is beneficial to the organization and its processes overall. Please contact us here at RBP Methods to learn more about establishing a paperless culture and getting the tools you need to achieve this.