Data Security for your Organization

The recent increase in regional and home offices has created a unique challenge in the area of data security for business. As Information Technology (IT) professionals are generally accustomed to securing the mainframe networks and solving IT problems on-site, the attention to software updates and security measures of home computers and routers is often delayed or put off for another day. Security breaches have affected millions of unsuspecting computer users through viruses and openings that exist in small office routers. In this article, we will take a look at some steps you can take to ensure you are safe from hackers and viruses that seek to steal valuable data from your organization.

Remote attackers will find flaws within your router and use it to take control of your device and potentially steal valuable data. To avoid such a mishap, a patch is necessary to download and install from an authorized vendor. It is all too likely that you are unaware of when and to what extent your router was updated. Like many others, you rely on your IT department to manage your technologies. However, IT departments are in high demand and are not always focusing on proactive security measures and updates. Understandably, there are more pressing issues to solve such as installations, trainings, trouble-shooting, etc. Security may be put off for another day or a less demanding time. Additionally, new vulnerabilities are popping up daily and would be impossible to stay ahead of without a security protocol.

Maintaining a secure IT environment would require personnel dedicated to knowing when things like the router was last updated as well as making sure each piece of equipment and software being used is regularly monitored and updated. Knowing you are at risk is the first step towards maintaining a secure data environment. Armed with this information, you are poised to take steps that will ensure your data safety. This will require someone on your team to be dedicated to mitigating your risk by employing cyber safety processes that are regularly carried out.

You need only watch the news in the past year to have noticed the many multi-million dollar corporations who have allowed a fatal breach within their data security. This results in job loss and bad press. And, just because these stories have been featured in the news does not mean this story couldn’t be yours. This is just one reason why it is so important to educate yourself on the risks and develop thorough strategies to provide a secure data environment.

Consider including the following elements to your data security strategy:

  1. Stay up to date on current cyber vulnerabilities.
  2. Train employees on security processes and protocol.
  3. Ensure IT controls are strong.
  4. Don’t miss updates…ever!
  5. Regularly asses your organization’s security.

Furthermore it is important to be prepared should you ever find yourself a victim of a security breach. Here is a suggested protocol:

  1. Create a written incident response plan.
  2. Communicate and train all staff to know and report any incident.
  3. Establish a team with designated responders.
  4. Research where you will get help from.
  5. Learn from your experiences and those who have gone before you.

You can become a leader in this area of your nonprofit business. This is an essential tool for all nonprofit leaders to ensure their companies and employees are safe from internet vulnerabilities.

Here at RBP Methods, we realize that things come up which need to be addressed quickly, and we strive to be responsive to your support needs. Ultimately, we want to see your nonprofit reach its goals, and we would love to help you. Contact us to learn more.

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