There’s a New Software in Town; Abila MIP Advance, Cloud Based True Fund Accounting

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Last week we took some time to look the benefits of cloud based solutions and their effects on nonprofits. This week we will take a deeper look into a relatively new true fund accounting solution, MIP Advance. Abila MIP Advance™ is a comprehensive, inherent and purpose-built system designed to meet the unique and complex needs of nonprofits and government organizations. The software was specifically created for nonprofits by nonprofits and has been overwhelmingly embraced within the industry.  “Due to the complexity of the funds and programs we track and manage, only a true fund accounting system meets our needs,” stated Daniel McKevitt, chief financial and administrative officer for the Foreign Policy Association. “And now being able to do that in the cloud – with anytime/anywhere access and clean, easy-to-understand dashboards and reports – has made our lives far more efficient and far easier to share data with our board in a way they can understand.”

Abila has the nonprofit industry’s most well-educated and experienced network of value-added resellers (VARs). RBP Methods is an industry veteran and certified product expert, providing guidance and best practices to help organizations solve real problems and drive mission productivity. We strive to provide nonprofit customers access to accounting and nonprofit management expertise in our region, and within vertical markets where our expertise is critical.

In addition to the native reporting tools and dashboards already found in MIP Advance, the new open API from Abila allows partners in Abila’s Partner Ecosystem to quickly and easily design tools and products that fully integrate with MIP Advance.

In many ways, MIP Advance is changing the game for nonprofit organizations. Now they can dig deeper into the power of a true fund accounting solution built for nonprofit organizations in the cloud with anytime access. This ultimately empowers nonprofits with 24/7 visibility to invoice and payment status and approvals, reduced operating costs, enhanced fraud protection, and facilitation of 100% of payments – regardless of vendor preference.

Here at RBP Methods we are committed keeping up with the latest technology trends, so we pass those learnings onto our customers. Our formula is simple: We listen to your needs, we care about your mission, and we provide the best service possible. Feel free to give us a call at 503.648.9051 or contact us here to learn more about how we can serve you.

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