The Staying Power of Cloud Technology

Blue sky with clouds for background.

One blaring truth about 2015 is that it most definitely was “The Year of the Cloud”. Cloud based technology, mobility, and social media were ever present with no signs of slowing. The cloud is no longer a trend to watch – it is here to stay. If you’ve not yet fully embraced it, now is the time. Embracing the cloud is a necessary and useful approach that is sure to make things better in the future.

There are some great examples of the power of the cloud and all that entails (big data, social media, mobile, anywhere access, etc.) being literal lifesavers. For example, efforts around Hurricane Sandy benefited tremendously from the immediacy of social media to gather and share information quickly to a broad group of people.

We’ve reached a point where the cloud has passed the hype stage and is rapidly moving toward full maturity, with that expected arrival in the next 2 to 5 years. In other words, cloud computing is quickly reaching a stage of equilibrium, and is no longer just a novel idea relegated to small pockets of early adopters or enthusiasts. It’s mainstream and the norm when it comes to technology adoption in a business setting.

Today, websites are visited more on mobile devices than on computers. People can go online with a credit card and buy anything immediately. In our instant-gratification society, people want access to information where they are and precisely when they need it. As one presenter at the recent Cloud Partners’ conference noted, technology is no longer a portion of the world economy – it is the world economy.

A recent study of nonprofit finance and accounting professionals found that 59 percent of organizations are seeing a shift to cloud-based technologies. We are seeing that shift in our constituents as more people seek information on the cloud. As supporters and board members have demanded more transparency from their nonprofits, organizations have responded with better data visualization, system integrations, and non-financial reporting.

Cloud technology is a change that can enhance not only the experience of workers with anytime, anywhere access, but also IT managers. As another Cloud Partners’ presenter noted, a cloud migration experience is necessary for IT leaders. “If your CIO hasn’t implemented or developed a cloud strategy, he or she should be looking for a new job.” And while that may seem a bit harsh, the reality is that the cloud is certainly where technology lives.

It’s no longer a question of “where technology is headed.”  We are there. Now, it’s just a matter of making it work for us.

Stay tuned for more insight from our study of nonprofit finance and accounting professionals. For more information on moving to the cloud, download our report, Life in the Cloud: What it all Means for You.

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