Fundraising Software Can Make Online Campaigns More Effective

fundraising software

Many nonprofits think that online fundraising isn’t as effective as traditional offline methods. Some have tried online fundraising with disappointing results. The conclusion? Online just doesn’t work.

Maybe yes, maybe no. If online fundraising hasn’t worked for your organization in the past, it may not be the medium, but the message. Online fundraising works, with the right fundraising software and message.

Online vs. Offline Fundraising

Nonprofits have offline fundraising techniques down pat. They know that they need heartwarming stories that will motivate, inspire, and engage donors in their mission. Professionally printed direct mail pieces, time-tested donor forms, and great thank you letters are all part and parcel of the typical nonprofit fundraising toolkit.

Then we move to the online world….and it seems best practices are forgotten. Instead of translating what we know works in the world of offline fundraising into effective online campaigns, we grow self conscious online, using bland language and poorly thought-out donor forms.

The results, as you can imagine, fall far short of fundraising goals. But the reason wasn’t the medium. It was the message and how it was delivered.

Tips for Online Fundraising

Your supporters care about your nonprofit’s mission. Whether you reach out to them online or offline soliciting donations, their support remains strong. Use these tips to generate the same enthusiasm and giving from your online campaigns as your offline ones:

  • Commit resources: Are you committing the same budget, personnel and other resources to your online fundraising campaigns as offline ones? If not, it’s time to make some changes. Make sure that you’re not under-staffing or under-funding online campaigns.
  • Set goals: Set clear and measurable goals for your online campaigns. Track, measure and monitor progress towards goals.
  • Make giving easy: Make sure that your online fundraising efforts incorporate multiple giving methods such as PayPal, credit card or bank checks.
  • Make it secure: Online trust indicators such as security seals are important visual reminders that you care about your donor’s information security.
  • Display contact information: If donors have questions or concerns, make sure they can reach you quickly. Display contact information prominently.
  • Use fundraising software: Fundraising software can help you raise more during campaigns as well as integrate fundraising activities into other parts of your organization. A good fundraising software package should make online giving easier, and support the success of your campaign.

The world is turning more and more to the internet for information, contact, and interaction. That includes contact and yes, giving, to nonprofits. As your constituents move to the online world, make sure your fundraising efforts move there, too.

RBP Methods offers fundraising software, Abila Fundraising Online, that can help you improve your online fundraising efforts. Give us a call today to learn how online fundraising software can work for you.