Get More Out of Your Nonprofit Software

nonprofit software

Every nonprofit association has software they use all the time, and software they use only some of the time. If you have nonprofit software that’s used infrequently, it may be time for a refresher course. Taking a class, course or even reading the manual again for your nonprofit software package can help you get the most from it.

Let’s face it: most of us have software that we use only once in a while. Maybe you have registration software that you use for your annual membership conference, or sales software that you run once per quarter to update the board on how your organization is growing.  No matter which nonprofit software package it is, you still fumble around with it a bit before you get going each time you log on.

If you know for a fact that you aren’t using your nonprofit software to its fullest potential, here are three ideas for how you can get more out of it.

  1. Contact the vendor: Many vendors offer free or low-cost training seminars. These seminars provide great insight into features of your nonprofit software that you may not be using. Learning it from the vendor offers you a great opportunity to ask the experts any questions about it that may be on your mind, too. They may send a trainer to your office to demonstrate features, or offer a joint training session with local nonprofits.
  2. Find free training: Many common software packages such as Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint) have inspired people to make free training videos and offer them online through YouTube and other platforms. Look for similar nonprofit software training videos. Although specific software packages may not be covered, more familiar ones may be, and the training is free.
  3. Read the manual: When in doubt, read the user’s manual, instruction guide, or other materials provided with your nonprofit software. Many manuals provide time saving shortcuts and information about using many features you may not tap into frequently.

As you learn more about your nonprofit software, consider designating someone within your company as the onsite trainer for a particular software package. Appointing one person or a small team the software experts gives other staff members a go-to person for trouble shooting or specific help. You can then send that one person to training seminars, for example, and ask them to return and teach others. It’s a cost-saving way of getting the most from your nonprofit software.

RBP Methods offers a variety of nonprofit software solutions. We are committed to providing each of our clients the best possible solution to meet their unique business needs. That is why we offer more than one solution. If you aren’t getting the most out of your nonprofit accounting software, contact us today.