Nonprofit Software: Cloud Computing Benefits

nonprofit software

Nonprofit software isn’t something that immediately springs to mind when talking about cost savings, but it’s actually an easy way to save considerable dollars so you have more to invest in achieving your mission. That cost savings comes when you move from desk-based software to cloud computing.

What is the cloud? Cloud computing, according to CNN Money, simply means moving the software from your desktop to the internet. Instead of running a program from the memory on your computer, you’re running it via a server anywhere in the world, and accessing it through the miracle of the internet.

Because multiple users can access cloud-based software simultaneously, the cost savings are dramatic. Instead of having to buy an actual package from a vendor, you can simply purchase online access for the number of users who need it. As you need more access, you can add that at any time. You can also add additional memory at any time to your cloud account without having to update your hardware.

Other benefits of nonprofit software running from the cloud include:

  • Ease of access: Instead of having to use a certain computer to access specific software, you can access the software from anywhere in the world. If your employees travel extensively or work remotely, they can access the cloud from any internet connection.
  • Improved IT security: Data on the cloud is stored securely. Most cloud computing providers are also adept at information security, and back up the information much more frequently than the average nonprofit. It’s easier, better and faster security without any hassles.
  • Cost savings: Cloud computer can save your nonprofit a great deal of money. According to IBM, companies can save a great deal on labor costs when they shift to cloud computing. Instead of IT workers spending time rebooting servers, upgrading software and backing up systems, their time and talents can be deployed elsewhere.
  • Fewer equipment purchases: With cloud computing, you no longer have to invest capital in software or costly hardware upgrades. Because you’re essentially renting space on a server, as your nonprofit software needs change, you can easily shift to different software access.

Cloud computing may seem strange or different at first, but it’s no different than checking email on a major server like Gmail or Yahoo!. As far as nonprofit software goes, cloud computing offers flexibility, cost savings, and easier access to the latest software. It’s a win-win for your nonprofit. For more information on moving to the cloud, download our report, Life in the Cloud: What it all Means for You.

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