Fundraising Software Tips: Make Sure Donors Know Where to Give


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Fundraising software can make it much easier for donors to give, and give generously. While some nonprofit personnel were skeptical of online giving, it’s really surged in popularity. Today your donors think nothing of giving online by credit card, clicking a box to donate a portion or percent of a purchase, or mailing in a check. Successful fundraising is about meeting donors where they’re at and making it easy for them to give when they are able to do so.

Why do we make it so hard for donors to give?

So if it’s all about making things easy for donors, why do we make it so hard for them? I’m talking about website and website design. Some websites make finding the “donate now” button like a treasure hunt, hiding it among banners, pictures, and other navigational elements. Sure, all of these items are important…but if people can’t figure out where to click to give, your website certainly isn’t paying for itself via donations.

3 tips to help donors give generously

You can use the following three tips to help donors give generously during your next online campaign. These are time-tested methods used by many nonprofits to make sure that fundraising software investments and website designs work together to make it easy for donors to give.

  1. Use the “five second test”: When you’re designing your website, give it the ‘five second’ test. Glance at the site, one page at a time. Can you find the “how to donate” button in five seconds or less? Ask people unfamiliar with your organization to look at your website and take the test, too. If they struggle with where to click to make a donation, you know that’s an area you need to fix.
  2. Make it easy to give: Offer people plenty of ways in which they can give to your organization. Credit card donations, PayPal, sponsorships, memorial donations and more are just the start. Think of creative fundraising ideas and how they will work with your page. Listen to donor requests for methods of giving and implement them as soon as you can. The more ways people can give, and the easier it is to give, the more donations your organization can receive.
  3. Create with the end-user in mind: Who is your customer? Are they moved by emotional images of those you help or more by facts and figures? Tap into the profiles you’ve developed over the years of your ideal donors, and create page text and designs that appeal to your audience.

Fundraising software isn’t used effectively if it’s not used in tandem with a well-designed and thought-out website. Make giving easy, and more will be given.

Abila Fundraising Online makes giving easy

RBP offers Abila Fundraising Online,  fundraising software that can make giving easy. Integrated with a good website and integrated marketing plan, it can help your organization raise more money and meet its goals. With Abila Fundraising Online you can:

  • Make the website giving experience easy, secure and inspiring
  • Provide portable donation and event registration forms that can be shared by everybody
  • Launch an event in minutes and maximize results with existing technology, campaigns and strategies
  • Easily report on event and form results
  • Integrate fundraising data with many popular CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions

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